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Have you just been in a car accident? Hopefully, you are not too worse for wear. Fortunately, modern automobiles come with all kinds of built-in safety features. As long as you’re not a reckless driver, the worse that can happen to you is that you get into a low speed accidental collision.

Cars Are Designed To Crumple

Of course, you should realize that cars are designed to crumple upon impact. This means that even for low speed collisions, there is a good chance that your car’s frame has crumpled beyond recognition. It might seem like it’s beyond repair, but the reality is that as long as the engine is intact, the frame of the car can be easily molded back into shape.



Car Being Painted

The crumple zone is actually a safety feature that allows modern vehicles to disperse the kinetic energy of a collision upon impact and mitigate the amount of damage on the passengers inside the car. Even a direct frontal collision is now survivable nowadays thanks to the crumple zone. Of course, it does leave your car looking like a sorry mess – you’ll need to find a good auto body shop.

Should I Go To The Dealership Instead of the Auto Body Shop Woodland?

Not exactly. Many dealerships do not have their own in-house auto body shops.  In some cases, they may be affiliated with a particular auto body shop Woodland, but this does not mean that this is the best choice for you. Shop around a bit if you have been in a collision. Try to see which auto body shop offers you the best deal. Of course, remember that money is only one of your many considerations.

What Should I Do While For Transportation?

If your car is in the auto body shop for repairs, you may be at a loss as to what you should do for transportation. After all, taking a taxi to and from work every single day is hardly economical nor practical. Fortunately, your insurance company may have this covered. Check your car insurance. Many auto insurance companies offer a replacement rental vehicle while your main car is being repaired. You should take advantage of this clause if it is present in your contract of insurance.

The auto body shop Woodland that you have chosen may also offer car rental services. Many prestigious auto body shops come with a full rental service for the benefit of their clients. Of course, do take note that you may have to pay extra.

Will My Car Never Be The Same After An Accident?

This is a myth. Cars which have been in an accident may need to have certain parts replaced or repaired. This does not mean that the car will never be as good as new. Remember that OEM (original equipment manufacturer) replacement parts exist solely for this purpose. Parts of your car will eventually wear out, but they can be replaced with brand new ones. This means that as long as you are willing to care for your vehicle, it will never actually wear out. Reputable auto body shops also offer at least a two-year warranty on parts replacement. Premium parts can even come with a 5 year warranty based on normal usage.


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