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When your car is in trouble, your best bet is to drive over to our auto body shop Watsonville to get it fixed. Of course, there are some times when you will not be able to get to our auto body shop Watsonville immediately. For example, if your car is in no condition to be driven. Also, keep in mind that it will cost you every time you have your car repaired. This is why it is also important to be able to take care of your car by yourself. There are some fixes that do not require the aid of a mechanic in order to execute. Here are some of the most essential maintenance skills that every car owner should have.


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Know How To Change Your Tires Without An Auto Body Shop Watsonville

Your car should be readily equipped with all the tools that you will need in order to change a flat tire. You do not need to rely on an auto body shop to perform this task for you. Check that your car has a tire range for taking out your tire’s bolts. Next, make sure that there is a jack for raising your car up. Finally, you should have an early warning device either in the form of a triangular neon reflector or a traffic cone to prevent accidents.

It’s a simple as 1-2-3.  First, you need to jack up your car. Place the jack somewhere behind the tire that needs to be changed. Crank the jack up until the tire is off the ground. Next, you need to use the tire range to take out the tire’s bolts. Once you’ve done this, you can slowly take the flat tire off of your car. After that, you just put in your spare and replace the bolts and you’re done.

After changing your tire,  you should definitely drive on over to the nearest auto body shop Watsonville for a maintenance check-up.

Learn How To Check Fluid Levels

There are all kinds of fluids inside of your car. First of all, there’s the motor oil. There’s also the coolant for your radiator. Also, there’s the brake fluid and the power steering fluid. Least important of  these is the water or soap solution for your sprinklers.  You should learn how to check all of these out. Low power steering fluid or brake fluid could affect your driving experience. Also, thick motor oil means that you are due for an oil change.

Know How To Clean Battery Terminals

If the lights, stereo or any other electronic components of your car seem to be fluctuating, it could be your batteries. If your batteries are less than a year old, then it is not very likely that you will need to change them. Again, no need to drive over to an auto body shop Watsonville for now. What you can do is to look under your hood and check the terminals of your battery. Wear rubber gloves to prevent shock and to protect your hands as you do this. Basically, see if the terminals are dirty. There might be an accumulation of dirt or some acidic substance on the terminals. You can either wipe the terminals, give them a good brushing with an old toothbrush or splash some hot water on them. Just make sure that you dry off the battery before you drive again.

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