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Auto Body Shop Walnut Creek CA

There are many auto body shops all over the United States. Of course, if you want auto body shop services in California, then you can rely on our team. We offer professional and personalized auto body shop services in the CA area. You can rest assured that we will do everything in our capacity to restore your vehicle back to pre-accident condition. If you employ our auto detailing services, we can even make your car look better than new. Do call us if you need auto body shop services.

Do I Need Multiple Repair Estimates to use Auto Body Shop Walnut Creek?

To make the long story short, no you do not. You only need one repair estimate for the purpose of making an insurance claim. Therefore, if you take your car straight to our auto body shop Walnut Creek, you can get your repair estimate right away. Take note that there may be times when your insurer will want to do their own assessment. This is fine. You can still take your car into our auto body shop Walnut Creek.  Simply call up your insurance company and tell them to do their assessment inside of our garage.

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What If The Repair Estimate Is More Than The Cost Of My Vehicle?

When this happens, then this is the perfect example of what is known as a total loss. Remember that the price of your vehicle will be determined by your insurer and not by anyone else. Therefore, if the assessed damage is more than the price of the vehicle according to them, then your car has become a total loss. Don’t worry when this happens. This is actually good for you. At this point, the insurance company will either have to reimburse you the full cost of your vehicle or provide you with a replacement vehicle of similar cost. This is not at your option,  by the way. The insurer has the right to decide which option to take.

Can I Still Drive My Car After An Accident?

We would highly advise against this. Instead, what you can do is to call up our auto body shop for assistance. Our customer service reps  can also walk you through a few checks to see if your vehicle is actually safe to drive. Naturally, we can also drive on over to your location. We can assess the damage to your vehicle on site and take it into our auto body shop Walnut Creek for immediate assessment and repairs.

Don’t worry, your insurance will have you covered in case of a car crash. We can actively negotiate with your insurance company in your favor as well.

Is A Bent Frame A Total Loss?

Actually, we deal with fender benders all the time in our auto body shop. The short answer is… generally no. This is because in most cases, we can still salvage your car using traditional dent repairs or using our high-end frame machines. Our machines can exert levels of torque that far exceed human strength. We can twist and pull your car back into its original pre-accident shape. Also, keep in mind that a total loss only happens if the assessed damage exceeds the assessed cost of the vehicle.

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