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For Auto body shop Vallejo services in the CA area, look no further than us. Basically, we can offer comprehensive auto body works services for any type of vehicle. We pride ourselves on our attention to detail and will do everything within our capacity to restore your vehicle back into pre-accident condition. For safe and reliable repair services, do not hesitate to call us.

I Have No Choice But To Use My Insurance Company’s Affiliated Auto Shop

If someone advised you to do this, then that person would be quite wrong. In California, there is what is known as an “anti-steering law.” This law makes it illegal for your insurance company to compel you to use a specific auto body shop. The law guarantees the consumer’s right to choose an auto body shop of their own preference. Therefore, do not hesitate to come to us for auto body shop services. This will not void your warranty and your insurance coverage.

Of course, this is a different story if you are invoking your warranty in order to have your vehicle repaired. The repairs should be handled by your insurance company in this case.

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How Many Repair Estimates Do I Need For Collision Repair?

The only collision repair estimate that you will need will be the one you get at our auto body shop. If you want to shop around, feel free to do so, but for the purpose of invoking your insurance, one collision repair estimate is really all you need. Of course, your insurance company might also want to write their own estimates.

Your Estimate Is More Expensive Than My Insurer: What Do I Do?

There may be times when our auto body shop repair estimate is slightly more expensive than that of your insurer. Do not panic when this happens. It is actually quite common for this kind of thing to happen. Your insurance company should actually be well aware of this. Fortunately, we can handle any discrepancies in estimates by ourselves. We will negotiate with your insurer for the full payment of your bills with us from them.

Should I Try To Drive My Car After An Accident?

This is actually something to be decided on a case to case basis. This is why it’s a good to have some knowledge about the inner workings of your car whether you need to visit an auto body shop Vallejo or not. This will allow you to assess whether you car is safe to be driven or not. In any event, if you feel that your car may be unsafe to drive, then don’t. You may call on our auto body shop Vallejo to help you out. We can handle both on-road repairs or simply towing your car off the road and straight to our auto body shop Vallejo. Just follow this rule: in case of doubt, don’t drive.

How Do I Safeguard My Interests In A Vehicle Collision Dispute

First of all, you should have your insurance policy ready. Grab your camera phone and take as many pictures of the incident as you can from all different angles. Also, know the vehicle identification number of the other car as well as the insurance information and driver’s license information of the other driver. It is also a good idea to gather the names and phone numbers of nearby witnesses.

You will most likely need to file a report either with your insurance company or with the police depending on the circumstances.

My Windshield Is Cracked. Can You Repair It at Auto Body Shop Vallejo?

We can do both  repairs and windshield replacement at our auto body shop Vallejo. We can estimate the amount of damage and the type of crack or chip on your windshield and inform you as to whether the windshield can be repaired or not. Usually, repair is an option if the crack is still fresh. If the crack is too deep, or if the location of the crack is unfavorable, then the windshield will need to be completely replaced. In any case, if you detect some form of damage on your windshield, take it to our auto body shop Vallejo right away to have it assessed. There is a difference of around $200-300 between a repair and a replacement job. Repairing the windshield is always more favorable for you if it is available.

Will My Insurance Cover Windshield Repairs?

Generally, having your windshield repaired is considered to be an optional repair job. It may not be covered by your usual car insurance. However, this will also depend on your deductible as well as any specific provisions in your insurance policy as laid out by your insurer. You can check this with your insurer whether you are covered for windshield repairs or not. If not, then the cost of the replacement or repair will have to come out of your own pocket.

My Frame Is Bent, Is This A Total Loss?

As contemplated by law, a total loss is not anything related to a bent vehicle frame. In fact, there are times when your car may look like a mangled mess but it may still be repairable and not a total loss. Remember that a total loss can only occur if the estimated repair cost of your car actually exceeds the assessed value of your vehicle as determined by your insurer. At our auto body shop Vallejo, we will make sure to provide you with a fast and fair estimate of the repairs on your vehicle so that insurance coverage can be accurately determined.

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