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Whenever you traverse the almighty roads of the U.S., you are basically one of many thousands of drivers on the road at any time. With tens of thousands of drivers and all kinds of road conditions , it’s not a wonder that road accidents happen very frequently. Thankfully, due to advances in vehicle design, fatalities due to road accidents have been drastically reduced. In fact, the vehicle that you are driving right now is jam-packed with all kinds of safety features. These include your standard 3 point seatbelt, the air bag, as well as the rigid passenger cage coupled with several crumple zones.

With that said, even a low speed collision can result in a quick trip to the auto body shop Sunnyvale. The main reason for this is because modern vehicles come equipped with crumple zones. These are specific areas usually located on the extreme ends of your vehicle which are designed to crumple upon impact. Ideally, these crumple zones use a series of controlled deformations to safely dissipate the kinetic energy of an impact away from the passenger cage. This results in a higher rate of survival for the passengers even in a high speed head-on collision.

Of course, because modern cars are designed to crumple easily, you will definitely need to have your car fixed at an auto body shop Sunnyvale even if it was only a minor collision.

Car Being Painted

What is the best course of action following an accident?

Be alert if you have just been in a vehicular accident. First of all, ensure that no one is injured and that you can safely exit your vehicle. After that, you should take note of some important names and numbers. Know the name of the other drivers involved in the accident along with their phone number, driver’s license number, unique vehicle identification number and pertinent insurance information. If there are any witnesses around, get the name and phone number of that person as well. Also take note of the date and time of the incident along with the location. You should have camera phone handy with you. The basic rule is to take as many pictures as you can of the incident from all angles possible.

In case the other party/parties are uncooperative, you will have no choice but to get in contact with your insurer and the police. Ask for a claim number from your insurer when you inform them of the incident.

If you want our help, then call our auto body shop Sunnyvale and we can assist you in getting your vehicle off the road and negotiating your claims with your insurance company.

How well can you repair my vehicle at your Auto Body Shop Sunnyvale?

Our auto body shop Sunnyvale comes fully equipped with all the latest vehicle restoration technology. We can confidently reassure you that we will be able to fully restore your vehicle back to factory condition before the accident occurred. In fact, with our auto detailing services, we can even make your paint job look better than new. Do take note that if you have your vehicle fully examined by an auto repair technician, they will be able to detect traces of a repair job. With that said, our auto body shop Sunnyvale repairs can make your vehicle look exactly like it did when it was brand new. The fact of the matter is that auto repair experts will always be able to detect a repair job. This says nothing for the aesthetics of your vehicle after repairs.

What If My Vehicle Is A Total Loss?

A total loss happens when the estimated repair cost of your vehicle is actually higher than the assessed price of your vehicle according to your insurer. In this scenario, it would be impractical to have your vehicle repaired at an auto body shop Sunnyvale. Of course, this means that the insurer must honor your claim by providing you with a replacement vehicle that is equal in cost to the vehicle that was totaled or pay you the assessed value of your vehicle according to your insurance.

Can I Get A Replacement Vehicle During Repairs

While your vehicle is in our auto body shop for repairs, you may require an alternative method of transportation. Check your insurance policy carefully. You may actually be eligible for a rental vehicle provided by your insurer. This depends on your particular insurance policy.

Competent Auto Repair Technicians

Our auto body shop Sunnyvale technicians are certified. We can do everything from frame straightening to paintless dent repair and even welding and windshield repairs. Our auto repair technicians can do it all when it come to auto body works.

Walking You Through

Do not hesitate to ask questions about our auto body shop Sunnyvale services. Our staff are willing to walk you through the entire repair process. In fact, we encourage our clients to ask questions so that they will not be taken by surprise at any stage of the repair process. For example, if your vehicle is unfit to be driven after an accident, call on us. We can respond and tow your vehicle to our auto body shop Sunnyvale for repairs.

Dedicated Frame Straightening Equipment

We pride ourselves on our auto body shop’s ability to mold your vehicle back into full working condition. Naturally, we use computerized frame measuring to ensure the accuracy of our frame straightening services.  Before any major work is to be done on your vehicle, we will also fully inform you of the types of repairs and estimated costs that your vehicle may entail.

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