Auto Body Shop South Gate CA


Auto Body Shop South Gate CA

If you are having car problems, do not hesitate. Call our auto body at the first sign of trouble. From minor dents to major frame problems, we can repair your car for you. While it is true that there are dozens of Auto Body Shop South Gates all over California, you can rely on our services for accountability and reputability.

For an Auto Body Shop that can suit all your needs, come to us. With that said, it is also a good idea to know a few things no matter what. If you are new to Auto Body Shopx, then take a look at this handy guide:

The Auto Body Shop South Gate Technician Isn’t Perfect

This is a very important rule to keep in mind if you are visiting any Auto Body Shop . The mechanic or technician fixing your car is not perfect. Do not just blindly follow suggestions. If you are unsure, always ask questions. Our auto body repair technicians can explain things to you in layman’s terms so that you can fully understand. Remember to use your personal discretion and tell us right away if you do not agree with the repair procedure.

Car Being Painted

Understand What You Want Fixed

You want to get your car repaired, so you should know best what you really want. Understand what needs to be fixed. If you are not sure of the problem, at least be aware of the problems known to you. For example, if there is a rattling sound in your car, then you want that sound gone after repairs. Therefore, you can now focus on guiding our technician towards  the type of fixes that you want done.

White Smoke From My Exhaust

If this happens to your car, then take it to our Auto Body Shop at once. Usually, white smoke is caused by water vapor. If you live in a colder climate, then this is actually quite normal. You might not need repairs. Of course, if there is white smoke coming from your exhaust all the time, it might be a depper problem. There are several causes of this. We can diagnose the problem properly in our Auto Body Shop. One possibility is that your transmission fluid is leaking through your vacuum modulator. This part can be replaced. A bad cylinder head gasket may be another culprit. Again, this can be easily replaced. Finally, the cylinder head itself may need to be replaced if it has become cracked or damaged.

Dented Frame Fixed At Auto Body Shop South Gate

We can do traditional dent repairs or paintless dent repairs at our Auto Body Shop. In general, it is a better idea to go for paintless dent repairs. This is because this type of repair does not damage the structural integrity of your car. The frame of the car is basically hammered into shape using specific taps in certain areas. Even the paint job of the car is fully preserved with no touch-up jobs needed. We have a paintless dent repair technician specifically for this job. Of course, not all cars are eligible for PDR. It depends on the damage to your frame. Anything that fully compromises the frame may need traditional dent repairs and not PDR.

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