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Need auto body shop Santa Clara services in the CA area? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Our expert auto repair technicians can handle all the auto body works services that your vehicle requires. Combine this with our years of experience as an established auto body shop Santa Clara in the CA area and you’ve got a winning recipe. Of course, to top this all off – our auto body shop Santa Clara is well-equipped with all the latest technology to ensure that the quality of our repairs. As long as you place your trust in us, we can guarantee that your vehicle will look and feel as good as new.
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Windshield Replacement and Repair

One of the services offered in our auto body shop Santa Clara is windshield repair or replacement. Whether your windshield can be salvaged or not will depend a lot on the type of damage to it. Usually, in a car crash wherein the crumple zone of the vehicle has been compromised, replacement is necessary. However, for smaller chips caused by hail damage, debris or something similar, replacement may be a possibility. Our windshield repair technicians will have to examine your windshield damage carefully to see if you are eligible for repairs.

it is worth noting that if you notice a small crack on your windshield, it is best to drive on over to our auto body shop Santa Clara for assessment as soon as possible. Do not allow a crack on a windshield to stay overnight. A small chip may become a large hairline crack if you allow it to persist without repairing it. Even just the vibrations from the car when you drive can agitate a small crack and cause it to grow out of proportion. Remember that speed is key when it comes to windshield repairs.

How Long Does Windshield Repair or Replacement Take?

If your vehicle requires windshield replacement or repairs, you can actually just drive in to our auto body shop Santa Clara and then drive out with a brand new windshield. On average, it takes about 30 minutes to repair a windshield and about an hour for windshield replacement. You can also just leave your car with us, grab some lunch and it will be ready to drive when you’re done. It’s just that simple.

What About Insurance Coverage For Windshields?

This will depend on your insurance deductible. Therefore, you may or may not be eligible for coverage from your insurer depending on the type of insurance that you have. You should check your insurance policy about this. If you are unsure,  you should consult with your insurance company. Our customer service representatives at the auto body shop Santa Clara can also assist you in this endeavor. Usually, if you have comprehensive damage insurance, you should be covered. Cracked windshields may be treated as optional repairs and will depend on your insurance deductible.

Frame Straightening

Naturally, the windshield is not the only part of your car that gets damaged in a collision. In fact, the frame of your vehicle is the part that has probably sustained the most damage. You may be surprised to see that even in a low-speed collision, the frame of your vehicle crumples like a piece of paper. This is actually a modern safety feature called the crumple zone. The crumple zone is generally located at the extreme front and rear ends of a modern car. It is the part of the car that is designed to absorb the impact of a car crash through a series of controlled deformations. The crumpling allows the kinetic energy to safely dissipate and pass through the vehicle without harming the passengers. The crumple zone is combined with a rigid passenger cage in order to protect the passengers inside of the car.

In frame straightening, we us a frame machine at our auto body shop Santa Clara to twist and pull the frame of your vehicle back into its original shape. A frame machine uses hydraulics to generate large amounts of torque beyond human strength in order to mold the frame back into shape.

Furthermore, as a reputable auto body shop Santa Clara, we use laser measurements to ensure that the frame of your vehicle is molded back into shape according to factory specifications.

The Importance of Frame Restoration in our Auto Body Shop Santa Clara

it is important to restore the frame of your vehicle properly not just for aesthetics. The reality is that the crumple zone of your vehicle was designed specifically for the particular shape of its frame. This is why your car should ideally retain its original shape for maximum safety. If you go driving around with a partially mangled frame, you  are actually driving with a compromised structural integrity. In case of a collision, you may be putting your life and your passengers’ lives at a greater risk.

Paintless Dent Repair

Not all types of frame damage actually require frame straightening. For smaller dents and chips, there is a cost-effective alternative method of restoration called PDR (Paintless Dent Repair). PDR technicians use precise massaging techniques to slowly but surely restore the vehicle back into its original shape without affecting the paint job. This is why it is called paintless dent repair. Furthermore, filler material is not used in PDR, so the structural integrity of your vehicle, including all of the original components of its frame is retained.

Unlike conventional dent removal that uses filler materials and adds a new paint job over the damaged area, PDR preserves the original materials of your vehicle, including your factory paint job.

It is worth noting that not all dents are subject to PDR. A PDR technician at our auto body shop Santa Clara can determine which dents are subject to the cost-effective PDR method.


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