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Auto Body Shop San Ramon CA

If your car is acting up, you should drive on over to an auto body shop immediately. Of course, the problem is choosing the right auto body shop to suit your needs. The reality is that auto body shop are a dime a dozen in the United States. In fact, there may be several available in your area. To start with, you should get some recommendations from your friends and/or family. Perhaps someone has had their car serviced lately – you should ask this person about the auto body shop  they contracted with. Furthermore, if you are still unsure, check the reputation of the recommended auto body shop with the Better Business Bureau.

The Basics

Whether you are getting your car repaired after a minor or major car accident or just checking in for routine maintenance, you should know some basics. First of all, know your vehicle identification number and secondly, know your insurance policy claim number. In case you get into an accident, you should also know the number of a good towing service. A lot of auto body shop actually come with their own towing service.

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Your Dealership Warranty

Many people still subscribe to this old myth. Don’t believe for one second that your dealership or manufacturer’s warranty will be void if you get your car serviced elsewhere. The reality is that the law protects your right to choose. This means that you can choose an auto body shop of your own preference and this will not affect your warranty in any way. Of course, if your dealership’s in-house auto body shop does a good job, then you should stick with that. Don’t fix what isn’t broken.

Furthermore, for recall work or work covered by your warranty, you should definitely choose your dealership because they are obligated to do it for free. Always choose to your advantage.

Don’t Let Them Fix What Isn’t Broken

This is a good rule to keep in mind when dealing with auto body shop. A lot of shrewd mechanics will inform you of multiple problems detected with your vehicle that may need to be fixed. Let the mechanic explain these problems and their implications to you. If you can’t understand, then tell him/her to explain it in layman’s terms. Decide for yourself whether these fixes are really essential or not.

Most of all, remember what you came into the auto body shop for. Whatever fixes the mechanic may recommend, they should prioritize the main problem that you took the car in for.

What Type of Preventative Maintenance Do I Need Auto Body Shop San Ramon?

Check your owner’s manual for this. There should be a schedule of what type of routine maintenance tasks need to be done on your car. If you are the lazy type, you can also just have the mechanic check the manual at an auto body shop. Do take note of the oil change intervals. The auto body shop  should tell you when your next scheduled oil change and tune-up will be. The oil change interval is roughly every 3000-5000 miles depending on your vehicle.

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