Auto Body Shop San Rafael CA


Auto Body Shop San Rafael CA

Do you need to choose an auto body works service? It can be hard. If you have absolutely nothing to go by, then it’s really a shot in the dark. All you can do is hope for the best. In basketball, this would be like shooting from half court hoping it goes in. Not even Steph Curry can do that consistently. You have to leave a lot to luck.

Getting your car repaired at an auto body shop San Rafael is a significant expense. This is why leaving it to chance is not good. For this reason, you must take some precautions just in case of a car crash.

An Ounce Of Prevention…

You know the old saying. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Many types of car accidents can actually be avoided. For example, mechanical failures often cause car crashes. The brake lining failing, loss of maneuverability due to poor tire traction, low power steering fluid – these can be avoided. All you need to do is engage in some preventative maintenance. You can get this done at our auto body shop San Rafael

Naturally, human error is a different story. Of course, with regular maintenance, you can at least minimize the chances of an accident. Let our auto body shop San Rafael take care of the maintenance of your car. Try checking your car’s frame for any damage. Remember that even tiny dents can affect the crumple zone of your car. The maintenance manual of your vehicle should also tell you what else needs to be done.

Car Being Painted


Safety Features Are Good, Says Auto Body Shop San Rafael

There are tons of safety that you can invest in. These safety accessories may be installed directly at our auto body shop San Rafael. Safety features are always good. They are better than those fender attachments that supposedly speed up your car. A good, cheap investment is an ultra wide rear view mirror. This makes your driving experience much more comfortable. It gives you a wider field of vision behind you. Naturally, you should still remember the old rule: objects in mirrors are closer than they seem. A dash-cam is another great investment. Buy a dash-cam with good night vision. This is because most serious car crashes occur at night. It helps if you are able to record the last few moments before an accident. Furthermore, if you have trouble parallel parking or backing into a parking area, you should invest in a radar parking system. These can really help you when doing complex maneuvers.

I’ve Been in a Car Crash

Stay calm when you’ve been in a car crash. Car accidents can happen out of nowhere. First of all, make sure that everyone is safe and that you are not injured. Once you have cleared this requirement, call in our auto body shop San Rafael. We can assist you by towing your car to our repair shop. Our auto body shop will also give you a quick repair estimate. You can use this for filing your insurance claims. You may choose any auto body shop of your preference. Remember that California’s anti-steering law prevents your insurer from steering you to a particular auto body shop.


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