Auto Body Shop San Leandro CA


Auto Body Shop San Leandro CA

An automobile can break down at any time – especially if it not very well-maintained. Furthermore, thanks to the sheer volume of traffic on America’s roads, major and minor vehicular collisions happen all the time.

While it is impossible to predict when an accident might happen, you can be prepared. This is why you should know a good auto body shop San Leandro. A competent auto repair shop will be able to restore your car to peak running condition from most minor and major collisions. Here are some things that you should look for in an auto body shop San Leandro.

Do They Have A Towing Service?

Sometimes an accident can render your vehicle unsafe to drive. For this reason, you may need to get your vehicle towed off the road and all the way to the auto body shop San Leandro. This is why it is a great idea to find an auto body shop San Leandro that also offers a towing service. This way, they can get your vehicle off the road and into their repair shop quickly. Also, you because they have an in-house towing service, you won’t have to pay a third party to tow your car off the road.


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Can They Work Readily With Your Insurer?

As long as your car is not deemed a total loss, your insurance will probably have you covered. You will only need to pay a minimal fee to have your car repaired. Furthermore, you do not necessarily need to choose the auto body shop  recommended by your dealership nor your insurer. You can actually choose any auto body shop that you are comfortable with. Therefore, one important requirement would be for the auto body shop  to be able to work with your insurer. It is important to note that most auto body shop  are affiliated with the majority of auto insurance companies. Now in case your insurer is not one of the auto body shop affiliates, it is important that they assure you that they can work readily with the insurer. What this means is that they can process your claims with the insurer for you.

The car is a total loss if the estimated cost of the repairs actually exceeds the value of the car as deemed by your insurance company.

Do They Carry The Right Parts For Your Car?

Any self-respecting auto body shop should carry OEM as well as after market parts for your car. Play 20 questions with the auto body shop  before you contract with them. Ask them if they actually have parts for your car on-hand, or if they can readily obtain these parts if they are currently unavailable.

Do They Have A Rental Service Auto Body Shop San Leandro?

Some auto body shop also have an additional rental service. You can rent out one of their cars while your vehicle is being repaired. This is not really a necessity but it is a nice additional bonus.

If you need a rental car, you should check out your insurance policy first. Depending on the type of insurance you have, you may be eligible to avail of a rental car from your insurer as one of the fringe benefits of your insurance.


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