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There is nothing more aggravating than seeing a dent on your new car. Of course, with road and traffic conditions the way they are nowadays, you should consider yourself lucky that you haven’t been in a major road accident. With that said, from small dents to major collisions, you can count on our auto body shop Salinas to restore your car and get it back into factory condition. For years, we have been serving clients in the CA area with our auto repair technicians in restoring cars from the brink of destruction back into proper running condition. Therefore, if you need auto body services in the CA area, you can definitely count on us.

The following are only some of the comprehensive services we offer.
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Paintless Dent Repair in our Auto Body Shop Salinas

If your car has been dented recently and it is one of the newer models from recent years, then you may be eligible for paintless dent repair or PDR. Just like its name suggests, PDR restores the frame of your car and massages out the dents without damaging the factory paint job. For any kind of dent that is eligible for PDR, it is generally the best choice.

At our auto body shop Salinas, our auto repair technicians can assess the damage on your vehicle and determine if the dent can be repaired via PDR. If PDR is available, we will inform you immediately. It is worth noting that PDR is a very cost-effective alternative solution to traditional dent repair and it is actually more effective.

Advantages of PDR

When it comes to pricing, you can expect to pay around $75-100 for a standard PDR procedure. On the other hand, if you have to rely on conventional dent repair, you can expect to pay anywhere about $200-350. There is a huge difference in price, but that’s not all.

In terms of effectiveness, a dent that has been repaired through PDR does not introduce any additional materials to your car. There is no body filler applied nor is your factory paint ever touched. This means the structural integrity of your car remains intact.

Which Dents can be removed via PDR?

You will have to take your car to our auto body shop Salinas in order to have the dent assessed. The two main considerations for determining whether a dent is PDR eligible would be the sharpness and the depth of the dent.  Size is usually not an issue. In any case, if the accident involved a collision with another vehicle, you will probably need to have it repaired conventionally. The types of damage that can be remedied with PDR include damage from debris, parking damage, hail damage and dents from things like golf balls, pebbles and baseballs.

My Paint is Chipped, No PDR?

Yes, this would normally be true. However, you should still have your car thoroughly examined by our PDR technicians. If the chip seems superficial enough, the paint may not actually be chipped. What often looks like a chip or a scratch is usually just a minor abrasion left from the point of impact. The good news is that we can actually massage, polish and rub out these types of “chips” at our auto body shop Salinas because the factory paint is actually resilient enough to survive these types of impact. If we discover that the paint is really chipped, we can apply a small factory touch-up to make for a legitimate looking repair job. Do take note that an auto repair expert will be able to quickly identify this type of repair job. This says nothing about the quality of the aesthetics of the repairs.

Will It Take A Long Time?

The time element is a huge concern for many people and we understand this. This is why our auto body shop Salinas technicians work tirelessly as soon as they are assigned to particular job. Once you have agreed to our PDR services and pricing, we will quickly go to work on your vehicle and you can expect to drive out with your newly repaired car within the same day. Give us 1-4 hours max and we will have your car ready.

Does This Involve Drilling?

We will try to avoid drilling as much as possible at our auto body shop Salinas. We understand that car owners do not like the frame of their vehicles to be filled with holes before it is filled with a body filler.  Our auto repair technicians will attempt to access the dent and massage it out without resorting to drilling or what some refer to as “manufacturing access.” In any event, when drilling becomes a necessity for the repair, you will be duly informed so that you can make the final decision.

What About Insurance?

If you have comprehensive damage insurance, then PDR repair will probably be covered by your insurer. To prevent surprise on your part, you should get into contact with your insurer prior to taking your car into our auto body shop Salinas for repairs. If you have your insurance policy handy, you may also come straight to us. We are experienced in helping customers in negotiating with their insurer.

Do I Need To Have The Damage Repaired At The Dealership?

No, this is an age-old myth that a lot of people mistakenly believe even today. The reality is that you do not need to have your car repaired at your dealership. This will not void your car’s warranty in any way. In fact, your right to choose a reputable auto body shop Salinas of your own preference is protected by law.


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