Auto Body Shop Richmond CA


Auto Body Shop Richmond CA

A dented car can be quite an unsightly mess. No matter how big or small the dent is, you always notice it everytime you approach your car to drive. It stays there as an unsightly blemish – always annoying you with how it tarnishes the look of your vehicle. It’s the type of annoyance that you can never really get used to – and you know what? You really shouldn’t. In fact, the better option is to just drive on over to our auto body shop Richmond and get your car fixed right away.

Why should I get my car fixed if it’s just a dent?

The fact of the matter is that every single crease/dent on your car actually matters. This is because of a safety feature built into modern automobiles called the “crumple zone.” Basically, the crumple zone refers to specific parts of the vehicle’s frame that is built to crumple upon impact. These are generally located at the extreme front and rear ends of the vehicle. Newer car models may also have additional crumple zones built in elsewhere. These crumple zones are designed to use controlled deformation upon impact. The deformation allows the kinetic energy of a high speed collision to safely dissipate away from the rigid passenger cage of the car. This results in fewer deaths due to head-on collisions as proven in controlled testing environments and actual on-road statistics. Of course, it also results in more trips to auto body shop Richmonds.

So why should you get your car fixed even if it’s just a dent? This is because the dent may actually compromise the structural integrity of your car and its ability to absorb impact in the crumple zone upon collision. Fortunately, if you need frame repair services in the CA area, we’ve got you covered.

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Professional Frame Straightening

For people whose cars have damaged frames, we offer professional frame straightening services at our auto body shop Richmond. Basically, we use our heavy duty frame machines to twist and pull your car’s frame back into shape. These machines can exert levels of torque which are far beyond human capacity. We will ensure that your vehicle’s frame is molded right back into its factory specifications. Naturally, our auto body repair technicians come equipped with the latest laser measuring technology to ensure precision during the frame repair process.

But My Insurer Recommends A Different Auto Body Shop Richmond

Keep in mind that there is actually an “anti-steering law” in effect in California. What this means is that your insurer cannot obligate you to use a specific auto body shop Richmond affiliated with them for repairs. In fact, this law empowers you to make use of any auto body shop of your preference when getting your car repaired. Therefore, do not hesitate to call our auto body shop Richmond for repairs. Your insurer cannot refuse coverage.

What if I’ve just been in an accident?

First of all, stay calm and stay safe. Ensure that you are uninjured and that you can safely exit your vehicle. After that, it’s a matter of numbers. You should know your vehicle’s unique identification number and the number of the local police force. Just call 911 if you are unsure. Also, if there are no  immediate emergencies, then make sure to acquire the name of the other drivers and persons involved, their vehicle identification number and insurance information. This will assist you in filing a claim with your insurer later. If there are any possible disputes as to who is at fault, get the names and phone numbers of nearby willing witnesses as well.  Take note of the location as well as the date and time of the accident. It’s a good idea to have even just a cheap dash-cam on your car as this helps settle disputes quickly. In any case, take as many pictures of the incident from as many angles as you can with your camera phone.

I can’t drive away

If your vehicle has been rendered unfit to drive because of the incident, you may call our auto body shop Richmond for assistance. We can safely tow your vehicle into our garage for repairs. We will give you a repair estimate so that you can file your claims with your insurance company.  Know your consumer rights. Just in case of an accident, you have the right to call a towing services and have your vehicle towed to the auto body repair shop of your choice. Again, keep the anti-steering law in mind. Your insurance company may not compel you to use a specific auto body shop.

Can I Get A Rental Vehicle?

For this question, you should actually consult with your insurer instead of our auto body shop. Your insurance policy may provide for a free rental vehicle while your car is being repaired.

Certified Repair Experts

Our auto repair experts are certified. We only employ trained professionals to work with us. Therefore, you can rest assured that you vehicle will be in good hands if you choose our auto body shop Richmond.

Quality Repairs

When we talk of quality repairs at our auto body shop, we do not talk lightly. This means that we follow a structured repair protocol when repairing your vehicle. We will thoroughly inspect the amount of damage on your vehicle and provide you with a comprehensive repair estimate based on which parts can be successfully repaired and which ones will need replacements.  The result will be that your vehicle will be fully restored to pre-accident condition.


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