Auto Body Shop Pleasanton CA


Auto Body Shop Pleasanton CA

Do you need to have your car serviced at an auto body shop Pleasanton? If this is so, then there may be a thousand questions floating through your head at this moment. However, put your anxieties aside for now. When you enter an auto body shop Pleasanton, there are some essentials that you need to know. Beyond this, you can simply ask the auto body shop’s mechanics yourself or do a little bit of online research.

Know The Important Numbers

There are a few numbers that you simply cannot do without – especially if your car breaks down in the middle of nowhere or you’ve been in an accident. First of all, know the number of a reliable 24-hour towing service. Many auto body shops also have a towing service – it is a good idea to choose these types of well-equipped auto body shops. Secondly, know your vehicles unique identification number. This will come in handy for police reports and insurance claims later on. Finally, know your insurance policy claim number.

As long as you know all these, filing your claim with your insurance should be a breeze. The auto body shop  can actually take care of the negotiations with your insurer for you.

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What Should I Do If My Check Engine Light Is On?

First of all, check that your car runs ok if you are driving. If it’s starting to act up, immediately pull over to the side of the road unless you are in a particularly remote, isolated area.  Basically, when this light comes on, it means that your car’s computer has detected a problem with your engine and it will need to be serviced. The question is whether you should drive over to an auto body shop or call them up and have them do on-road repairs.

Now if you are driving and the car seems to be running fine, then you can keep driving. It is probably not an urgent problem, but it is in your best interests to have the car serviced as soon as practicable.  If your car seems to be malfunctioning in any way, then you should definitely have it towed. The general rule here is that if you are in doubt, then have it towed.

What If The Light Went Off By Itself?

Just because the check engine light went off does not mean that the problem just magically disappeared. Unfortunately, self-repairing systems are still in the realm of science fiction for now. Have your car checked out at an auto body shop. The computer system in your car should have logged the necessary information to allow the repair technician to diagnose the problem.

Dealership vs Independent Auto Body Shop Pleasanton

The biggest difference between the dealership and an independent auto body shop that you will notice is their pricing. Putting it simply, dealerships can charge as much as 3x-5x more than a regular auto body shop. Of course, the services of the dealership are guaranteed. They do look out for the best interests of their clients. For an independent auto body shop, there are tons of unscrupulous mechanics out there, so you will have to decide and discern carefully which shop you choose.

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