Auto Body Shop Pittsburg CA


Auto Body Shop Pittsburg CA

Want to take your car to an auto body shop? While it is a straightforward task, it’s not always simple. Do not just drive straight to any auto body shop Pittsburg to get your car fixed. Get your money’s worth by choosing our auto body shop Pittsburg in CA. With that said, here are some things you need to be aware of.

Insurance Is Key

Your car should be covered under insurance if you are brave enough to drive around. In any case, the repairs that you want may be covered by your insurance. It depends on the type of damage and your type of insurance, so get your policy ready. If you have been in a car crash, then your repairs are definitely covered. Of course, even just small bits of damage such as a dented fender or even a chipped windshield may also be covered. You can check with your insurance company for more details on this matter.

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Know The Numbers

Get the right information and have some important numbers ready. You can keep these numbers in your memo pad or even just on your phone. These include the number of our auto body shop Pittsburg and any other emergency numbers. For example, you should be aware of the number of the nearest hospital in your area. In case you’re in a panic, calling 911 is always a good choice. Furthermore, know your car’s vehicle identification number. The insurance policy number of your particular insurance should also be readily accessible. You may need this for claiming insurance coverage.

Choose The Correct Auto Repair Technician

At our auto body shop, we have certified auto repair technicians for all your needs. You should go to the correct mechanic for the job. Fortunately, we can definitely help you out with this. Do not be afraid to play twenty questions with our auto repair experts. In fact, ask for certain special certifications if you want some specific services done on your car. You can never be too safe. Things such as paintless dent repairs and frame straightening should be done by a qualified expert after all.

Windshield Repairs at Auto Body Shop Pittsburg CA

Inside of our auto body shop, we can do both windshield replacement and repairs. The type of damage on your windshield and how fresh it is will determine if it can still be salvaged. There is a difference of at least $100 between windshield replacement and repair. For this reason, it is always easier on your pocket to opt for repairs when possible. If you notice any kind of damage on your windshield, do not delay and drive on over to our auto body shop Pittsburg as soon as possible. Our auto repair technicians can soundly determine whether your windshield can still be repaired or not.

Warranty on Services

Naturally, our auto body shop offers a warranty on all services and all parts replaced. Of course, if your car can be adjudged as a total loss, then you should really just invoke your insurance instead of having it repaired. This is why it is important to get a repair estimate first before proceeding with repairs.


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