Auto Body Shop Oakland CA


Auto Body Shop Oakland CA

For auto body works services in the CA area, you can rely on our reputable auto body shop Oakland. Our certified auto repair technicians will ensure that your vehicle is restored to pre-accident condition as soon as you contract our services.

The reality is that dozens of road accidents occur in the U.S. on a daily basis due to the traffic congestion on America’s roads. This is why there is no way to realistically completely avoid ever getting into an accident. Of course, with that said, a few safety measures and precautions here and there can go a long way into preventing major vehicular collisions. Preparedness is key here – and this means being prepared and knowing what to do just in case you need to visit an auto body shop Oakland. Take note of these:

Know The Important Numbers

You should know some important numbers just in case you get into an accident. Know your vehicle’s unique identification number, you insurance policy number as well as the number of the police and our auto body shop Oakland just in case you need on-road repairs or towing services.

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Get The Other Vehicle’s Numbers As Well

It’s not enough just to know your own numbers, it is also equally important to get the vehicle identification number of the other car as well as the driver’s license info of the driver. If possible, you should also get their phone number.

Gather Witnesses

Sometimes, disputes are inevitable in a car crash. In this case, you will want to ensure that you are not at the losing end. This is why it is also important to gather witnesses. Get the names and phone numbers of nearby witnesses. This will help your case in filing a police report or simply claiming coverage with your insurer for repairs at our auto body shop Oakland.

Do I Need To Go To The Dealership For Repairs?

Not at all. In fact, the manufacturer of your car cannot compel you to go to a particular auto body shop Oakland. The same is true with your insurance company. You cannot be refused coverage for not using their recommended auto body shop Oakland. In California, there is what is known as the “anti-steering law.” This law ensures your right to choose a reputable auto body shop Oakland of your own preference.

Can You Help Me File My Claims?

Yes we can. Count on our auto body shop Oakland to help you file your claims with your insurance company. In fact, even if the insurance company is not one of our shop’s affiliates, we can definitely negotiate with your insurer for you. As long as your insurance information is intact, we can handle all the red tape including billing the insurance company in your stead.

Will You Give Me A Repair Estimate?

Naturally, we will. You will need the repair estimate from our auto body shop  in order to file your claims with your insurance company. As soon as you choose our auto body shop  to handle the repair of your vehicle, we will promptly provide you with a professional repair estimate. Do take not that your insurer may provide you with a different repair estimate for your vehicle. This will not be a problem. Insurance companies are used to slight discrepancies in repair estimates. We will handle all the negotiations in your stead.

My Frame Is Damaged = Total Loss?

If the frame of your vehicle has been damaged, then that means that the car’s structural integrity has been compromised. With that said, you should have your vehicle assessed at our auto body shop Oakland for a repair estimate. Just because your frame is damaged, this does not equate to a total loss. Keep in mind that a total loss can only occur if the estimated repair cost of your vehicle is more than the assessed value of your vehicle from your insurance company. When this happens, the insurance company may opt to either pay you the assessed value of your vehicle or provide you with a new vehicle with the same cost as the vehicle that was declared a total loss.

Can Your Repair My Crumpled Frame?

Yes we can. In fact, do not be alarmed if the frame of your vehicle looks to be crumpled or otherwise mangled beyond recognition. The reality is that this happens very often even in low-speed collisions. The reason for this is because of a safety feature built into modern vehicles called the “crumple zone. “ To make the long story short, the crumple zones are specific parts of the car which are designed to crumple. The controlled deformation of the crumple zones combined with a rigid passenger cage ensures a higher survival rate for the passengers in case of a car crash.

At our auto body shop, our frame machines can twist and pull your vehicle back into its original shape from the brink of destruction. We can shape your vehicle back into pre-accident condition using these machines that exert levels of torque far beyond human strength.

What About The Paint Job at Auto Body Shop Oakland?

Our paint repair technicians will ensure that the finish and shade of your vehicle will be restored to the same as your factory finish. Now keep in mind that a professional repair technician will be able to detect any touch-up repair jobs. This says nothing about the aesthetics of our auto body shop paint job. Also, in case of minor dents, paintless dent repair may also be an option – and this allows you to keep the original factory paint job on your vehicle.

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