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Auto Body Shop Hawthorne CA

For auto body works services in California, count on our comprehensive Auto Body Shop. We can provide you with all kinds of auto body works services for all kinds of vehicles. Our auto repair technicians pride themselves on being able to give personalized attention to each car brought into our Auto Body Shop for repairs. Therefore, this is your guarantee that your car will be restored to pre-accident condition in no time at all.
Is It True That I Need To Use My Insurer’s Auto Body Shop Hawthorne?

Of course not. Do not believe this myth. If your insurance company insists that you use only their particular Auto Body Shop, then this is illegal. It  is against the anti-steering law of California to engage in this practice. You can use any Auto Body Shop of your choice as far as getting your car repaired is concerned. You cannot be denied coverage by your insurance company just because you did not use their Auto Body Shop.

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What About Windshield Repairs At Your Auto Body Shop Hawthorne?

At our CA Auto Body Shop, we can repair or replace all kinds of windshields. Take your car into our garage for repairs immediately as soon as you notice any type of damage. We need to make an initial assessment of the type of damage to your windshield. If you act fast, we may be able to preserve your windshield through our repair services. There is a difference of $100 between repair and full replacement, so it is definitely in your favor to go for repairs. Fresh cracks which do not affect the driver’s vision can often be repaired. This is why you should act fast in case you notice a chip or a hairline crack on your windshield. If you leave the crack in place overnight, then it could quickly grow and become irreparable.

In any case you can expect to get your car back on the same day if all you need is our auto glass services.

My Frame Is Damaged. Is This A Total Loss?

No it is not. A vehicle cannot be adjudged as a total loss simply on the basis of frame damage. The reality is that your car will still need to be estimated for repairs. Remember this: a total loss can only happen if the estimated repair cost of your vehicle is more than the assessed cost of the vehicle according to your insurance company. A total loss actually works in your favor. When this happens, your insurer will have to pay you the assessed cost of the vehicle or provide you with a replacement vehicle of a similar cost. This is of course, according to the insurer’s discretion.

Can I Drive My Car To An Auto Body Shop Hawthorne After An Accident?

As a general rule, if the accident is severe, do not try to drive away. Instead, call on our Auto Body Shop. We can drive over to your location and tow your vehicle safely off the road and straight into our Auto Body Shop. We can then provide you with a repair estimate so that you can make your claim with your insurance company. We can also handle the negotiations for payment with your insurer.

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