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Have you been in a car crash recently? Most people are caught unaware in a vehicular accident and they end up stuck as to what to do. First of all, you need a good auto body shop Gilroy and we can offer. The truth is that there is very little that you can do when the accident is actually happening. This is out of your hands and all that can be done is to hope for the best and try to minimize the damage. Of course, the things that you do after and before the car accident are definitely within your area of control.

Before An Accident Occurs Visit An Auto Body Shop Gilroy

Before you become another road statistic, get your car checked out at an established auto body shop Gilroy. A reputable auto body shop should be able to provide you with routine maintenance and keep your car in top running condition. A well-maintained car reduces the incidence of accidents due to mechanical failure. Many accidents are caused by brakes failing while the driver was driving at high speeds.


Car Being Painted

Routine Maintenance Is Key 

Therefore, because prevention is always better than cure, check your car in for routine maintenance. All auto body shops should offer routine maintenance services including oil changes and tune-ups. The type of checks that need to be done on your vehicle are actually detailed inside your car’s owner’s manual. You didn’t throw away your copy already did you? The owner’s manual of your car contains your vehicle’s oil change schedule. Normally, most vehicles will require an oil change once for every 5000-3000 miles traveled.

What Happens When I Don’t Get My Oil Changed?

This is a pure invitation to disaster. Oil can turn into sludge as it ages. This sludge affects the small, moving parts of your engine. Usually, oil allows your engine’s parts to slide along each other safely. Aged oil becomes thick and viscous and loses its lubricating property. This can make the engine less fuel efficient than it should be and even cause some parts to grind against each other. If you get your old, unchanged oil checked at our auto body shop Gilroy, you will notice that it has metallic components. These small bits of metal have been scraped off from the small, working parts of your engine.

If you neglect to change your oil for too long, your engine might simply stall completely.

After an Accident Occurs

When you have just been in a road accident, getting your car to our auto body shop Gilroy should not be your top priority. Keep this in mind: safety first. Therefore, first check that you are unharmed. Once you have confirmed this, check that you can safely exit the vehicle and that none of your passengers were harmed, if any. After that, you should check if there passengers of the other car are ok. Only after confirming the safety of everyone should you move on to other concerns.

Insurance Covers You

In a car crash, your vehicle is most likely covered by your insurance. Because modern cars tend to crumple up something fierce in an accident, you will need a lot of work done on your vehicle. Choose our reputable auto body shop Gilroy. We can work with your insurer in filing your insurance claims. Most auto body shops can readily work with major car insurance companies.

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