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Has your car been dented recently? It must look terrible to your eyes. It does not matter how severe or minor the dent might be. Whenever you get into your car to drive your vehicle, you’ll always see it. The dent is like a recurring annoyance that never goes away. The worst part is that you can never actually get accustomed to seeing it. Fortunately, you should not put up with such an annoyance. The best choice for you is to drive on over to our Auto Body Shop East Los Angeles in CA and get that dent fixed.

Shouldn’t I Just Leave The Dent Be If It’s Minor?

The unique design of your car is not due to a mere accident. Actually, every little design on your car is very important for it. There is a safety feature built into modern cars called a “crumple zone.” This is generally located at the extreme ends of your car and it is built to crumple upon a vehicular collision. These crumple zones are built-into all modern automobiles and use controlled deformation in order to safely guide the kinetic energy of an impact away from the passenger cage. In addition, the passenger cage is strong and rigid to complement the crumple zone. Even in a high speed head-on collision, death is unlikely because the kinetic energy is guided away from the passenger cage. This is proven in several controlled experiments and also supplemented by actual on-road statistics. With that said, this also means that more cars need servicing at an Auto Body Shop East Los Angeles after a collision.

Car Being Painted

Dents Compromise Car Safety

Even just a single dent can change the crumple zone’s effectiveness. The structural integrity of your car may be compromised even if it looks like just a small dent. This affects the car’s ability to effectively absorb impact upon collision. Of course, if you need frame straightening services in California, you can count on us.

Frame Straightening Services

If your frame has been damaged, you can rely on our professional frame straightening services inside of our Auto Body Shop East Los Angeles. Our heavy duty frame machines can twist, pull and stretch your car’s frame back into its factory shape. The machines we use are state-of-the-art and can exert amounts of torque which are far beyond human strength. With our certified auto repair technicians, we can reassure you that your car will be restored back to pre-accident condition. For more precision, we also make use of laser measuring technology so that the frame straightening process is extremely accurate to every last detail.

My Insurer Is Demanding That I Use A Particular Auto Body Shop East Los Angeles

This is illegal. Do not be coerced into doing this if your insurer is really making such an unusual demand. Invoke your legal rights under the “anti-steering law” in California. The insurer may not oblige the insured to use a specific repair service or Auto Body Shop in order to ensure continued coverage. The law grants you the specific right to use any Auto Body Shop East Los Angeles that you wish to. This is why you should not think twice about calling on our Auto Body Shop East Los Angeles to have your car serviced. We can even negotiate the payments with your insurer for you so that you do not have to lift a finger.

Help! I’ve Just Been In An Accident

Stay safe and do not panic. Do try to ensure that no one has been injured. In fact, check yourself for injuries as well. Next, make sure that it is safe and get out of your car. Once you are certain that there are no injuries and you are safe, get the necessary numbers.

Know the unique identification of your car and that of any other cars involved in the accident. You may also need to call the police or 911. Also, you will need to file a report with your insurer. You will need a repair estimate from our Auto Body Shop East Los Angeles for this. The insurer might also have their own claim center for this purpose.

Get the names, phone numbers and driver’s license information of the other driver/s involved in the accident. This will be useful for filing your report for an insurance claim later on. There may also be disputes as to who was really at fault. For this purpose, obtain the names and phone numbers of any witnesses within the vicinity. The location of the accident and the exact time and date of the accident should also be noted down. Having a dashboard camera on-board your vehicle is quite handy for this purpose. Even just an old cellphone functioning as a dashcam. Furthermore, you should have your camera phone with you (who doesn’t these days?). Take several pictures of the incident from all type of angles. This will definitely be very useful for consolidating your claims later.

My Car Cannot Be Driven

This is very normal in a car accident. If your car seems unsafe to drive, do not try to drive it. You could worsen the damage or you could be a hazard on the road. Call on our Auto Body Shop to assist you in this matter. We will tow your vehicle safely back into our Auto Body Shop to get it repaired. Also, we will promptly give you a repair estimate so that you can promptly file your claims with your Auto Body Shop.

Competent Repairs Auto Body Shop East Los Angeles

We follow a specific repair protocol at our Auto Body Shop. After inspecting your vehicle for damage, we will give you a fair repair estimate and then begin the repair process so that you car can be restored to pre-accident condition.

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