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Auto Body Shop Downey CA

Are you looking for Auto Body Shop Downey services in California? You can definitely count on our Auto Body Shop Downey. We provide comprehensive auto body works services for all types of cars. In fact, our auto repair technicians pride themselves on quality and integrity in their attention to detail. Therefore, you can rest assured that we will restore your vehicle back to pre-accident condition no matter what type of damage it may have incurred. Count on us for reliable and safe auto body works.

But I Should Use My Insurance Company’s Auto Body Shop Downey For Warranty Coverage, Right?

Do not believe this harmful myth. If someone has told you this, then that person is quite plainly wrong. There is what is known as an “anti-steering law” in effect in California. This particular law assures you of your right to choose. It is illegal under the law for any insurance company to require that their clients use a particular Auto Body Shop of their own choosing for full insurance coverage. For this reason, you should not hesitate to call us if you want quality Auto Body Shop Downey services in CA. Rest assured that you will not be voiding your warranty this way.

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Do I Need Multiple Repair Estimates From An Auto Body Shop Downey For Full Coverage In A Car Accident?

A collision repair estimate is definitely necessary if you want to claim coverage from your insurance company. With that said, you will need to get only one collision repair estimate from our Auto Body Shop. Now you can actually get multiple repair estimates from several Auto Body Shop Downeys, but if your only purpose is insurance coverage, then you only need one. You may get your estimate directly from your insurance company’s claim center or you may have us do the repair estimate. Just in case your insurer wants to do their own assessment as well, you can have them visit our Auto Body Shop Downey as well.

But You Gave Me A More Expensive Repair Estimate Than What My Insurer Gave

This is very normal. Our Auto Body Shop collision repair estimate may sometimes exceed that of your insurer’s claim center. This is not a cause for alarm. This is a very common thing to happen because additional services and repairs may be needed during the course of an auto body works service. All insurance companies are actually aware of this fact. Of course, if there are any discrepancies between estimates, we can handle the negotiations with your insurance company by ourselves. Rest assured that you will not be charged anything extra when this happens.

Can I Still Drive My Car Even After An Accident?

This must be decided based on the particular situation. This is why you should ideally have some knowledge about automobiles yourself. So that you can decide for yourself whether your car is still safe to drive after an accident or whether you need to call in an Auto Body Shop or towing service.

The general rule when you feel that you are in doubt is not to drive your car. Call our Auto Body Shop Downey for help right away. We can drive on over to your location and do some quick fixes so that your car can be driven safely to our Auto Body Shop Downey. We can also tow away your vehicle if it is really impossible to drive it away safely. In case you are in doubt: do not drive your car.

There Is A Dispute As To Who Was At Fault In The Accident

Make sure that your insurance policy is intact. Talk to the other driver/s and get their names, phone numbers and insurance information. Also, talk to nearby witnesses and ask for their names and phone numbers. You should also get the unique identification number of the other car. This is why it is a good idea to own a dashcam because it can act as a blackbox that records the final moments before the accident occurred.

In an accident, you will need to file a report with your insurance company and you will need an estimate from our Auto Body Shop Downey for this purpose. A police report may also be necessary in case of a dispute.

Can You Repair Or Replace Windshields?

Yes we can. At our Auto Body Shop, we provide both windshield repair and replacement services. If you notice a crack on your windshield, take your car to our shop right away. We can quickly assess the damage on your car and whether the crack can still be repaired or not. Repairing a crack is actually pretty straightforward. You can simply drive into our Auto Body Shop Downey and then drive away.

Fresh cracks are the easiest to repair. However, it can also depend on the depth and location of the crack. If the crack is impairing your vision for example, the entire windshield will need to be replaced. By the way, a windshield replacement is a lot more expensive than repairs. There is usually a $200-300 difference between them. This is why repair is always the better option if available.

Can My Insurance Cover My Windshield?

If the windshield damage is a part of the accident, then yes, you are covered. However, if you are simply driving into our Auto Body Shop for optional windshield repairs, then your standard car insurance may not cover it. It depends a lot on your insurance deductible as well as any specific provisions in your contract of insurance. You can consult with your insurer for this.

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