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Auto Body Shop Daly City CA

Anxious about getting your car repaired at an Auto Body Daly City? Well, you’re in luck if you live in California. At our auto body shop, we offer professional auto body works services for all type of cars and collision repairs.

At our auto body shop, we understand your needs completely. We know that it can be rather daunting taking your cars into an auto body shop – especially if you have never done this before. Fortunately, we use a streamlined process for repairing all vehicles taken into our shop. With our certified auto repair technicians, we  can restore  your vehicle back into pre-accident status no matter what type of collision you might have been in.

To further guide you, here is  a short article on how to take your car to our Auto Body Shop Daly City.


Car Being Painted

Immediately After An Accident

Clients who drive directly into our Auto Body Daly City for repairs will feel quite welcome. Of course, we also specialize in clients who have just been in an accident. Therefore, here is what you need to do if you have just been in an accident.

The first step is to make your priorities straight. Do not be too concerned with your car, first ensure your own safety and make sure no one is seriously injured. After that, make sure that it is safe to exit the car.

Now there may be a dispute as to who was at fault during the accident. Get the vehicle identification number, names, phone numbers, driver’s license information as well as insurance information of the other drivers. It also helps if you can get the names and phone numbers of any witnesses in your favor. This will be very useful for claiming your insurance later. You will need to file a report either with your insurance company or a police report in case of a dispute.

Do You Need To Have Your Car Towed?

There are times when your car might not be safe to drive.  This is especially true if the accident appears to have damaged your engine or other critical parts of your vehicle. In any case, if you need to have your car towed, then do not hesitate to call on our auto body shop for help. We can tow your vehicle to safety and straight into our auto body shop and then we can give you a repair estimate which you will need in order to claim your insurance.

Do I Need To Use My Insurer’s Recommended Auto Body Shop Daly City?

Absolutely not. This is a myth that you should not believe in. There is actually a law that explicitly prevents an insurance company from engaging in this practice. You cannot be refused insurance coverage simply because you chose our Auto Body Daly City over your insurer’s. This law is known as the anti-steering law. Of course, if your car is still under warranty and you are invoking your free warranty for repairs, then you should use your insurer’s auto body shop. Otherwise, you are free to use the Auto Body Shop Daly City of your choice without any influence from your insurance company.

When Is My Car A “Total Loss”

There is only one instance wherein your car may be technically considered as a “total loss.” This does not automatically occur just because the frame of your vehicle looks bad. In fact, even if your vehicle;’s structure has crumpled  very badly, it may not result in a total loss. To know whether your vehicle is a total loss or not, you will need an estimate from an Auto Body Daly City. In some cases, your insurer may also have their own claim center for repair estimates.

Your car can only be considered as a total loss if its estimated repair cost exceeds the assessed value of your car as determined by your insurer. The cost of the repairs of the vehicle must be more than the assessed value of the car itself.

Can You Fully Restore My Car’s Look?

We can do even more with our auto detailing services should you choose to use them. In any case, our goal as a reputable CA Auto Body Daly City is to make your vehicle look as good as new. Therefore, we will use all our available resources in order to fully restore your car to pre-accident condition. If you want further auto detailing services, we can make your car look even better than new.

Will I Get A Rental Vehicle?

You may be eligible for a free rental vehicle from your insurance company. In order to find out, check your insurance policy if you can find a specific provision that provides for this service. If you are entitled to a free rental car, then you should invoke it and claim this benefit from your insurer. Of course, you should look forward to the speedy recovery of your car from our auto body shop Daly City.

Does My Car Lose Its Safety Features After Repairs?

Of course not. A car that has been restored after an accident is just as safe as a brand new car that has never been in an accident. The car itself does not really lose anything in terms of structural integrity just because it has been in an accident. Therefore, it will never reach a point where it is unsafe to drive as long as it is well-maintained. Yes, it is true that the parts of your car can wear out eventually. Fortunately, worn out parts can be replaced easily.

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