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Auto Body Shop Brentwood CA

Do you require CA auto body shop services? We can do everything at out auto body shop from frame straightening to auto detailing and even windshield repair and replacement. Our auto repair technicians are ASE certified. Furthermore, they are empowered by further special qualifications for windshield repairs, paintless dent repairs and other specializations.  Fortunately, we have prepared this short guide for helping you get your car repaired at our auto body shop.

How Do I Claim Insurance Coverage?

You will need to get an insurance claim number from your insurer. Once you have secured this, you can just go straight to our auto body shop to have your vehicle repaired. Remember that your claim number is issued by your insurer but only after you have filed an accident report. If you need a repair estimate, you can go straight to our auto body shop Brentwood or alternatively, use the authorized claim center of your insurer. If you go to our auto body shop Brentwood, you can simply tell your insurance company to assess the damage over at our garage.

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Will You Be Able To Procure Parts For My Car?

Our auto body shop Brentwood is actually well-stocked will all kinds of parts for a variety of different vehicles. Of course, you should also understand that there are thousands of different types of vehicles and even year models and makes for the same type of car. There will be times when we do not have the parts for your particular car. Of course, we can quickly order and procure whichever replacement parts may be necessary for the repair of your vehicle. The orders can be processed as soon as we give you the repair estimate and you are ready to have your car serviced at our shop.

My Frame Is Damaged. Does This Mean It’s A Total Loss?

Do not subscribe to this common and rather harmful myth. The fact of the matter is even if it looks like your car is really at the worse for wear, you still cannot just assess it as a total loss. The real and only requirement for a vehicle to be a total loss is: that the estimated repair cost of the car is actually more than the assessed value of the vehicle as provided by the insurance company. A damaged frame therefore is not necessarily equal to a total loss – although it could be.

Can My Vehicle’s Frame Be Repaired?

We can definitely do this at our auto body shop Brentwood. We have high-end frame machines on hand that can twist, pull and stretch your vehicle using levels of torque far beyond human strength. We will definitely mold your vehicle back into pre-accident condition.  Also, just in case the damage to a particular frame of your vehicle has compromised its structural integrity beyond repair, do not be alarmed. At our auto body shop Brentwood, we can still replace that particular section with your manufacturer’s OEM (original equipment manufacturer) parts. In fact, because modern cars now use unibody construction, the frame and the body of the vehicle are one and much easier to repair.

Can You Repair The Paint Job?

Modern vehicles have a very resilient paint job. In fact, even if it looks like the paint was actually scratched, what looks like paint damage may actually just be residue from the impact of the other car or whichever object you bumped into. Of course, if you have been in a major vehicular accident, then frame damage as well as paint job damage will be very likely. Our auto body paint technicians will be at your service in this matter. We can match the paint shade of your vehicle’s original paint job perfectly so that it will be impossible to tell at a glance where the touch up job was done. Of course, you should understand that auto repair experts will still be able to determine where a repair job has occurred.

I Want Specific Repairs Done

Talk to the repair technician handling your car at our auto body shop Brentwood. Custom repairs are quite fine with us. For example, if there is a specific portion of your vehicle or some kind of problem that has been bothering you for a while, this would be the best chance for you to get those repairs out of the way. Again, do not hesitate to ask our auto repair technician for a specific repair job and we can definitely make arrangements in your favor.

Your Repair Estimate Is More Than That Of My Insurance Company

Sometimes your insurance company will want to make a repair estimate as well. If our estimates exceed theirs, this is not a cause for alarm. Your insurer can actually reassure you that this is a normal occurrence and that we are not overcharging you. There will always be discrepancies in-between estimates because we cannot really accurately predict any additional problems that might crop up during the repair task at our auto body shop Brentwood. We will negotiate with the insurer regarding the full payment for you.

Is My Warranty Void If I Do Not Use My Insurer’s Auto Body Shop Brentwood?

This is a very common misconception. Do not believe it. The reality is that your insurance company may not compel you to use a specific auto body shop Brentwood. The final decision should always lie with you and you cannot be refused coverage for choosing our auto body shop Brentwood over that recommended by your insurer. This is known as the “anti-steering law.”


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