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Auto Body Shop Alameda CA

If your car has broken down, then you need to visit an auto body shop Alameda. Likewise, if you have been in a vehicular accident, your car will need to be serviced at an auto body shop. The auto repair business is a multi-million dollar industry  and you can clearly see why. At every turn, your car needs the services of a good auto body shop Alameda. With that said, because of the growing number of auto body shop all over the U.S., it can be hard to discern which ones you should trust.

Get Recommendations First

Before you choose any particular auto body shop, start with recommendations from people that you know. The best people to get recommendations from are your friends and family. Just make sure that they actually have first-hand experience in dealing with the particular auto body shop Alameda that they recommend.


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Check With The Better Business Bureau

While most auto body shops are quite reputable, there may be a few out there who have scammed more than a few people. Check the records of the auto body shop that you plan to contract with first. See if they have any negative feedback at the better business bureau.

Oil Change Intervals

Oil changes should also be done at a good auto body shop. You may also choose to have this performed directly at the dealership. Be aware of your options however. Keep in mind that you can choose any auto body shop of your choice to perform preventive maintenance on your car. This will never void your vehicles warranty. In fact, this is your right to choose as protected by law.

Depending on the type of car that you have, your oil change intervals can vary. It is best to check your owner’s manual for your maintenance schedule. You will find when you need to change oil and swap out certain parts here.

Changing Batteries

One of the hardest parts to predict in the car is the car batteries. Sometimes completely new batteries can die out in only a year. This is usually due to poor maintenance or plain negligence on the part of the owner. For example, if you left your lights on overnight, this can kill your batteries really quickly.

Extremes in temperature can also negatively affect battery life. Both extreme heat and extreme cold can wear down your car’s batteries quickly. There is actually an electric eye on most batteries that you can check to see if it is still holding a charge. Green indicates that the battery is still in good condition. Of course, this says nothing about how long it will last. An auto repair technician can thoroughly test your car’s batteries to predict their serviceable lifespan.

Auto Body Shop Alameda- When Do I Change My Coolant?

The coolant on most vehicles can last for quite a while. You will probably not need to change the coolant for at least two years or once every 24,000 miles traveled. The auto body shop can assess your vehicle and inform you if you need to change your coolant soon. Extended life coolants need not be changed for up to 8 years.

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