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Do you need auto body shop San Angelo TX? If you do, then it is a good idea to keep a few common mistakes in mind the next time you take your car into an auto body shop. You might be quite surprised at some of these. In fact, most mechanics actually skip several crucial steps even though you can find them fully detailed in your car’s instruction manual. Do not become a victim and choose a professional auto body repair shop that gets the job done right.

Skipping the Road Test Auto Body Shop San Angelo TX

This is the top culprit. You CAN find the details for auto repair or even your usual oil change in your instruction manual. It does include a road test before release. Of course, most auto repair technicians consider driving the car into the garage a “road test.” Ask your particular auto body repair shop what kind of road test they do.

Sloppy Repair Job

Because of the great demand for auto body shop San Angelo TX, many technicians feel they can get away with a sloppy repair job. If you need to have something done under the hood, make sure you inspect it yourself. If you are not a mechanic or mechanically inclined, it’s fine. You can still safeguard your interests by taking a lot of pictures before getting your car repaired. Check the status of your car before and after repairs. Try to see if there are missing bolts, broken parts, or parts that have not been lined up correctly. This is why you took those pics earlier.

Not Fixing the Problem

Always ask your auto body shop San Angelo TX if they have a warranty on repairs. Take note of what the initial problem was and make sure that it’s actually fixed. Many auto repair technicians will tell you about all kinds of problems that they discovered with your car, but then neglect to actually fix the main problem in the first place.

Not Properly Diagnosing the Problem

Do not be fooled by a mechanic who tells you that they cannot fix the problem even after replacing several parts. This is most likely because of their incompetence with the repairs more than anything else. It’s like trying out all kinds of drugs and antibiotics in an attempt to cure an unknown illness. It’s really nothing more than a shot in the dark. They may have noticed some worn out parts and replaced them without your approval. However, did the mechanic even properly diagnose the problem in the first place? Remember that you cannot fix a problem if you don’t even know what it is.

Delayed Repairs

If you leave your car in an auto body shop San Angelo TX, sometimes the problem is more complicated than the mechanic calculated. Take note of the time when they said that the repairs would be done. If you do not receive any updates from them via a phone call or text message within an hour after the appointed time, check in with them. They may have failed to inform you of delays in the repairs. Ask for a new time estimate.

Common Car Maintenance Mistakes That You Might Make

Of course, not all auto body shop San Angelo TX mistakes are made by the mechanic. Sometimes the neglect comes directly from the owner – you. There are some common car maintenance mistakes that you really should not make.

Never Ignore the Check Engine Light

You do know what the “check engine” light looks like, right? If you don’t, you’d better familiarize yourself with it right now. You can see it detailed in your car’s instruction manual, but you should be able to find it with a quick google image search, actually. In any case, if you see the “check engine” light on, then do not ignore it. This indicates that something is wrong with your engine. Even if your car appears to be running properly, you may be damaging it even more if you drive around without having it checked. Ignoring the check engine light might result in your car needing a complete engine overhaul from an auto body shop San Angelo TX.

Not Checking Your Tire Pressure

Many people tend to ignore the tire pressure of their cars – with disastrous results. I should know because I’ve had a flat tire before – but it wasn’t because I didn’t check the tire pressure. Rather, I forgot to check the tire pressure of my spare. So when I changed the flat tire, I thought that the spare felt a bit soft. Sure enough, when I tried checking the tire pressure,  it was way below the threshold. I had to call in an auto body repair shop to drive over to my location. Luckily, I was pretty near an auto body shop San Angelo TX, so it didn’t take very long. It could have been even more disastrous had I chosen to keep driving with my almost flat spare though.

Even if your tire is not likely to go flat from lower pressure though, it is still a good idea to check it. You see, lower tire pressure results in less fuel economy. You should ideally carry a tire gauge in your car. If you don’t you can have your tire pressure checked at the nearest gas station.

Skipping Oil Change and Routine Maintenance

You will notice that your car comes with a maintenance manual that is separate from the car’s instruction manual. Modern cars do not need to have an oil change that often. In the past, oil changes happened every 3000 miles. Nowadays, modern cars average around 7800 miles before needing an oil change. Of course, just because cars are more efficient nowadays does not mean that you can simply skip the oil change completely. That’s not how it’s done. In fact, if you do not change your motor oil for a long time, then this leads to sludge build-up inside of your car. It could be more costly in terms of auto body shop San Angelo TX repair later on.

Collision Repair

The most common types of repair tasks to be done inside of auto body shop San Angelo TX is collision repair.  This is because of the growing number of cars that run the roads of the US. In fact, 2015 statistics show that over 30,000 deaths resulted from car accidents in that year alone. This is actually pretty tame compared to 2005 with over 43,000 deaths caused by vehicular accidents. Of course, let’s just hope that you do not become a part of these fatal statistics.

If you need collision repair, then at least your accident must be non-fatal.  There are several auto body services available in Texas from places like our auto body shop San Angelo TX.

Auto Body Shop San Angelo TX Detailing Services

Auto body detailing services cover all exterior and interior car restoration services. These include cleaning, polishing and repainting the car to restore it to its former glory. Depending on your particular needs, the car may also be restored to look even better than it did out of the factory. This includes the car’s interior furnishings as well as the exterior.

Removing Dents

Dented bumpers or crumpled fenders are to be expected in a vehicular accident. Of course, this is because these parts of the car are actually intended to be easy to crumple. As you may be well aware of, this is actually a safety feature of modern cars. Lightweight materials that crumple easily tend to absorb and then safely disperse the kinetic energy of a collision. This results in less fatal accidents because the driver and passengers are safely inside the car’s central cage.

Our auto body shop San Angelo TX technicians are certified. If you will check with the Better Business Bureau, you will find that Lanny’s has been in the auto repair business for over 44 years.  Twisted frames and crumpled fenders are pretty much normal for their technicians to repair.

Auto Glass

For some reason, the windshield of the car is always one of the first parts of the car to need replacement. Personally, I’ve even had to have my car’s windshield replaced because I punched it out of road rage. The result is that I hit it so hard that I inflicted a web-like crack on its surface. Auto glass replacement is pretty straightforward. It can be done within the day if you bring your car to the auto body shop San Angelo TX early.

Naturally, our Auto Glass replacement services include full warranties on the quality of the glass. This also covers the installation. The glass should be free from air leaks for as long as the entire serviceable lifespan of your vehicle. You will probably have bought a new car long before the windshield ever gives out.

Wheel Repair

Wheels often suffer from nicks due to collisions or parking accidents. They can even get damaged simply because you happened to be driving down a particularly rough road. Instead of having your wheels replaced, they can actually be repaired and restored to maximum efficiency. Ask your technician for your options on this.


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