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Auto Repair Odessa TX

Been in a collision?  Need auto body repair?  Lanny’s Shop Body is at your service.  We fix your automobile to perfection and we have plenty of satisfied customers to prove it.  Give us a call at (432) 201-3300 for a quote and friendly service.

Repaired Truck

It is never desirable to accidentally damage your vehicle. Of course, since we are on the road almost every day of our lives – we’re really just statistics waiting to happen. In other words, road accidents are almost inevitable. In fact, the way you damage your vehicle does not even have to come from the road. It could also come from a freak accident such as a hailstorm or even just a parking accident.

It’s A Safety Feature

In any case, your car’s body is very easily prone to damage. This is actually not a design defect. It is a safety feature of modern cars. Cars are designed to crumple on impact so that the energy is safely dispersed outside of the passengers’ and driver’s area. The cage-like framework around the area where the car’s passengers are located is the strongest point of the car. The flexible nature of the back and front portions of the car is actually a safety feature to maximize the survival rate of the car’s passengers in case of an accident.

Of course, this means that even just a tiny bump can cause some visible signs of damage on the body of a typical car. Fortunately, having some car body work done on your vehicle is just a short drive or phone call away if you are in Odessa, TX. If you need auto repair Odessa TX, Lanny’s Auto Body Repair shop can help you out with that.

Lanny’s Auto Body Repair

If you need auto repair Odessa TX, then Lanny’s Auto Body Repair should be your top choice. They provide high quality auto body repairs after collision. Lanny’s Auto Body Repair is a legitimate auto repair shop with several branches strewn throughout the United States. In fact, if you will check with the Better Business Bureau, you will find that they have been in the auto repair business for over 40 years. Actually, it’s 44 years to be exact.

What Auto Repair Odessa TX Services Do They Offer?

Lanny’s Auto Body Repair shop provides comprehensive auto repair services. From dent removal to general auto detailing, they can do it all.

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Need Parts Replacement?

In some cases, collision repair may entail the replacement of some parts of the vehicle. For replacements, Lanny’s Auto Body Repair Shop offers several options. You can either opt for OEM or After Market Replacements.


(Original Equipment Manufacturer parts). Most people go with this option since the parts used are the same type used by the car’s original manufacturer, thus the term OEM. This ensures that your vehicle works just as good as it did when it came out of the factory. If you are unsure, then OEM is your best choice.

After Market Replacements 

After market replacements can either be cheaper or at times, they may actually be more expensive than OEM parts. These parts can offer additional advantages though .They may work even better or offer additional functionality.

For example, After Market Replacement fuel tanks can be designed to hold a few more liters than your OEM fuel tank. This can be good for taking advantage of low fuel prices or for long travels.
Fortunately, for minor scratches, your car will probably just need auto detailing. Now you might have heard of this phrase before, but do you know what it really means.

More on Auto Detailing

Basically, auto detailing refers to the thorough cleaning, restoration and finishing of an automobile’s body. It is known as “detailing” because the process is intended to bring out the finest details of the automobile’s body. 

Contrary to popular belief, auto-detailing does not just involve the exterior of the car. The fact of the matter is that detailing involves the restoration and cleaning of the vehicle both inside and out. There are in fact, hundreds to thousands of professional detailing services in the United States. To drive this point home, the revenue generated by the professional as well as home detailing industry exceeds $9 billion.

Now detailing can actually be broken down further into two main categories and of course, they are pretty self-explanatory.

Exterior Detailing : It’s More Than A Paint Job

Naturally, this refers to the cleaning and restoration of the car’s exterior to its original condition. Depending on the client’s needs, exterior detailing may also be used to even restore the car to beyond its original condition. For example, a car with a drab finish can be chrome painted to look shiny beyond what it looked like out of the factory. A chrome finish can really add a lot of extra shiny gloss to your car and give it that sleek and sexy look.

Of course, exterior detailing is not limited to simply painting a chrome finish over a car. Different types of techniques may be used in order to achieve a clean, brand-new look for a car’s body. These include scratch removers, detergents made especially for cars, and of course, auto wax. Newer products even attempt to incorporate several effects in one. For example, there are car shampoos that also double as wax. Instead of rinsing it off after application, you simply wipe off the excess suds and dirt and the residue left behind functions just like car wax.  You simply buff the residue until your car is all shiny. Usually, car wax lasts for several months and allows dirt and grime to simply slide off of your car’s finish. Of course, for the optimum effect, wax will need to be reapplied at least once every 3 months.

Too Much Washing Can Damage Your Finish

Here is a little tip for newbie car owners who insist on washing their car every single day: don’t. The reality is that washing your car too often – especially with strong cleaning products, can actually wreak havoc on your car’s paint job.  You may find that your car’s paint job is becoming a bit thin and faded after several months of heavy washing.

Dirt and Grime Are Also a Problem

Of course, sticky dirt and grime can even do worse for your car. If you allow the dirt to stick all over the surface of your car, it may decay into the car’s body in time. When this happens, it not only eats away at the dirt but may even damage the inner structure of your car’s chassis. You might need other auto repair Odessa TX sooner than expected.

 This is why washing your car every 2 weeks or so is also a necessity.

In any event, the important thing is to strike a balance. Try to keep your car clean, but do not wash so often that you begin to damage your car’s exterior. Of course, with a good exterior detailing job, you will not have to worry that much about this. If your car’s body is as good or even better than new, then slime, dirt, and sludge will just slip and slide off of its exterior. For any persistent dirt or moisture that stays on the surface of your car, a quick wipe with a soft cloth can solve this problem quickly.

No Major Auto Repair Odessa TX

Do take note that major body shop repairs may be needed for cars that have been involved in large collisions. For these types of accidents, auto detailing is not what you are looking for. Paint restoration is the extent of most detailing services. Therefore, if your front bumper is crumpled, then detailing is not what you are looking for. Of course,

Interior Detailing

Of course, a professional detailing job is an inside-out affair. You have probably heard of deep cleaning of houses and buildings before. Well, interior detailing involves deep cleaning of the interior of your car. This may include a variety of products and techniques once again. Dashboard wax is of course a necessity.

Naturally, the entire interior of the car will need to be vacuumed. A good interior detailing job will include all areas of the car.

Detailing Does Not Include Major Body Repairs or Re upholstery

In some instances, the carpets of the car may need to be replaced. The entire upholstery of the seats are also subject to replacement. Also, the ceiling of most cars is made of felt – and these are replaceable as well.

Detailing services do not include replacements or major repairs, but Lanny’s Auto Body Shop at auto repair Odessa TX offers more than auto detailing.

Testing the Efficiency of Auto Repair Odessa TX

 One way to test if your auto repair Odessa TX is really all that good is to leave a few coins under the seat of your car. Take note of the number of coins and type of coins that you left behind. Professionals will always return the exact amount and number to you.

A interior detailed car should look brand new and all shiny. Check that the stains are gone. Also, for white parts that have become brown and faded with age – these should be pure white in color once again. Check the area where the front seat belts are located. The area behind the seat belts are usually white in color no matter what type of car you are using. A good auto detailer should be able to restore the natural whiteness of this area.

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