Paint Jobs

You know what the most annoying part of owning a car is? It’s when the paint job gets scratched. Seriously, doesn’t it seem like you can get a scratched paint job from just about anything nowadays? You scrape your bumper against a tire guard, it gets scratched underneath. You fail to measure the distance properly when parking and boom – scratched paint job. It almost seems like cars were made to get scratched over and over again so that car restoration companies can make a profit.  

Of course, this is just me sour-graping. If you feel yourself nodding along with me – don’t worry, I’m sure there are a whole lot of us who feel this way.

The truth is that even without doing anything, depending on the weather conditions, cars do need a new paint job every 5-8 years.

Car Being Painted

Scratch Removal Products

If your car has sustained some minor scratches on its paint job, you may be able to remove it yourself. There are many scratch removal products out there and they can vary greatly in their effectiveness. Basically, most scratch removal products work by adding a glossy layer over the scratched surface making the scratches nigh invisible. There are also specific scratch removal products that depend on the paint job of your car.

If you have ever tried the old fluoride toothpaste trick for repairing scratches on a CD, that is pretty much how it works.

Of course, just like the CD trick, these scratch removers do not work on deep scratches. Furthermore, if you look closely, you will notice that the scratch is actually still there – it’s just been covered up.

Spray Paint Jobs

If you can find the specific color of your car, you can actually just apply a light coating of spray paint over it. Now this is risky because you might void your car’s warranty if you are still covered. Therefore, only resort to this fix if your car is out of warranty and you are confident that you are using the right shade of spray paint.

Spray in short bursts and hold the can at least 3-5 feet away from the target area. Also, it would be safer if you covered up the portions of your car that you do not want the spray paint to hit. For example, the door handles, windows and even your tires.

Again, this fix only works for surface scratches. Deeper scratches on your paint job will require professional auto body restoration and detailing services

See a Professional

If you really want to have your car repainted, then you might want to check out one of our highly rated body shops.  We have top notch technicians and provide all kinds of auto body services. We also have detailing services, parts replacement, as well as collision damage restoration services. If you want an affordable and professional paint job, you should us a call right now.

Now the advantage of having a professional paint job done on your car is that they do it right. It will cost you a little bit more than if you try to DIY it, but you can rest easy that your car will look as good as new.

Automobile Paint Jobs Done Right

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