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Why An Auto Body Shop San Francisco?

Well, unless you fancy yourself to be a mechanic, you should have some routine maintenance done on your car inside an auto body shop San Francisco. Even without your owner’s manual, their auto repair technicians can check what kind of maintenance work needs to be done on your car. You might be surprised at some of the things that they find.

Your Road Safety Matters

There are a lot of benefits to having your car maintained at an auto body shop San Francisco. A well-maintained car runs better and offers a much smoother ride than one which has been neglected. More importantly, your road safety is on the line here. You definitely do not want your brakes to suddenly give out while you are driving at high speeds.  Also, cars have this annoying tendency to break down in the most inconvenient of places. Have you ever been stranded out in the middle of nowhere with a flat tire? That would not have happened if you had routine maintenance done regularly. Also, engine breakdowns are very unlikely to occur with a meticulously well-maintained car. In other words, there is simply no excuse not to have your car maintained.

Oil Changes Every 5000-8000 Miles

While your auto body shop San Francisco can recommend when you might need an oil change, you should check the manual. Hopefully, you haven’t lost your maintenance manual yet. Inside that booklet, you will find the schedule of your car’s oil changes and which parts need replacement at which points of your vehicle’s lifespan.



Two car collision

What Happens If You Don’t Get Your Oil Changed?

Bad things can happen to your vehicle if you do not get regular oil changes. Your vehicle’s engine is composed of hundreds of moving parts. The space between these vehicles is extremely small. This is why oil is necessary to act as a lubricant and facilitate the movement of these parts. Without oil, the parts may grind together and damage each other. As the oil in your engine ages, it begins to thicken and form into sludge. When sludge builds up inside of a car’s engine, it can cause the engine to perform poorly and affect fuel economy. This is not the end of the story, though. If you let the oil stay for too long without getting it changed at an auto body shop San Francisco, then your car could stall completely.

Metal Breakdown

Cars that have not had an oil change at an auto body shop San Francisco for some time could be compromising their engine integrity. In a recent study done by an independent car enthusiast, it was shown that oil that had not been changed for 12,000 miles contained a lot of metal content. Oil should not have metal content – so where did this come from? It came from the parts of the engine. While the content was mostly small, but insoluble pieces of metal, it speaks of the dangers to your engine when you neglect oil changes.

Oil Filters Should Also Be Changed

An oil change is not just limited to changing the oil literally. While this is the main purpose of getting routine maintenance at an auto body shop San Francisco, the oil filters should also be changed. If the filters are damaged or have become clogged up, then it affects fuel efficiency significantly. Also, it contributes to the sludge build-up inside of the car’s engine.

Windshield Repairs

One of the parts of the car that is most likely to sustain damage at some point is the windshield. After all, it’s one big chunk of glass and it’s right on the front of the car. From hailstorms to random debris on the road, it is exposed to a lot of hazards all the time. Fortunately, laminated glass is extremely resilient. It will not succumb to pressure so easily, but of course, it’s not invincible. A big chunk of heavy debris such as those kicked up on dirt roads could scratch the glass. The same is true of falling or flying tree branches. Of course, hail is also a huge culprit. Fortunately, almost all auto body shop San Francisco offer windshield repair and installation.

Should I Go For Repairs Or Replacement?

The auto body shop San Francisco that you are visiting can determine this. Depending  on the amount of damage to your car, replacement or repair will be recommended by the technician. If both options are available, it is highly recommended that you choose repairs. A fully repaired windshield can look just as good as new and at less cost to you.

Fix Scratches and Cracks Right Away

If you notice even just a small hairline crack on your windshield, you should replace it right away. Cracks on a windshield do not just magically go away. Because the windshield is your main window to what is happening in front of your vehicle, not getting it fixed poses a major safety hazard. While it might be okay to put it off for a while if the crack does not impair your vision, you will need to get it fixed.  If you keep driving around with a cracked windshield, you will notice the crack start to grow over time. A compromised windshield needs to be mended before it gives out completely. With early action, your windshield could still be eligible for repairs.

More Important Than Most Parts – The Windshield

The windshield is actually ranked by automotive repair experts as one of the most important parts of the vehicle. In terms of safety, the windshield ranks just below the airbag and the seat belt of your car. This highlights just how important it is to get it fixed if it is damaged.

What Am I Risking With A Cracked Windshield?

For one, the windshield could just pop out and leave the driver and the front seat passenger completely exposed during a collision. You might be putting your life on the line in  case of a car crash if your windshield is not at 100% efficiency. In a rollover incident, the windshield is one of your last lines of defense against being utterly crushed .

How Do Laminated Windshields Work?

If you have had windshield replacement done at an auto body shop San Francisco before, you might have been surprised at the consistency of your windshield. Modern car windshields are made of laminated glass. Instead of shattering completely upon impact, they hold together like some kind of gelatinous substance. Why is this? This has to do with the composition of laminated glass. Laminated glass is composed of two layers of glass. Of course, glass is generally strong but brittle. In order to give it the gelatinous consistency of laminated glass, a layer of resin is placed in between the two main glass layers. This resin is what causes the glass to adhere together even during a car crash.

How Much Will I Spend For Repairs?

As previously mentioned, getting your windshield replaced at an auto body shop San Francisco is really your main course of action. For small chips and slight cracks on your windshield, you will probably only need to pay less than $100. This is a far cry from what you will be paying for a full replacement.

Insurance May Cover It

Check with your auto insurance company because windshield repairs are probably covered. The good news is that most auto body shop San Francisco can work closely with insurance companies to file your claims. If your car is covered by insurance, you will not even have to lift a finger to file your claims. In fact, even if the auto body shop San Francisco is not affiliated with your insurance company, they can still facilitate your claims for you. You can also personally check your insurance policy to see if windshield damage is covered before you get ahead of yourself.

How Much For Full Windshield Replacement?

This depends on the manufacturer of the windshield as well as the model and make of your vehicle. In general, you can expect to spend upwards of $170 to $300 for the replacement.  Just like with windshield repairs, insurance coverage for windshield replacement is dependent upon your deductible. If you have a deductible of $500, then you might need to pay for the replacement out of your own pocket.

Window Tinting at Auto Body Shop San Francisco

Although it is not necessary, you may want to have your windows tinted. This reduces the glare from the sun quite significantly. It can make your car look very appealing and also has the function of absorbing dangerous UV rays. Almost any reputable auto body shop San Francisco offers window tinting services.

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