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At any given moment, there are thousands of cars traveling all across the United States. With all of these cars on the road, the road accident statistics are not surprising. Every year, tens of thousands of people fall victim to vehicular accidents. This is because there are hundreds of different parts that could go wrong with your vehicle – not to mention simple driver’s error. Unfortunately, there is not much that can be done during an actual accident except to try your best to minimize the damage. Of course, you can always get your car repaired at an auto body shop after the accident. Furthermore, there are things that you can do to ensure your safety before an accident occurs.

Expect An Accident To Happen

The best way to be prepared for an accident is to expect it to happen. If you anticipate the problem in advance, then at least you won’t be unprepared for it. This does not mean that you should be paranoid about accidents. There are simple things that you can do to ensure that your own safety.


Two car collision

Know Your Auto Body Shop Sacramento Telephone Number

Find a reliable collision repair shop and know their telephone number. Remember that you need a contact number that you can rely on at all times. In case of a car crash, you may need to have your car towed. Many reputable auto body shops offer 24-hour towing services. Of course, not all of them do. This does not mean that your auto body shop is inferior. Even without a dedicated towing service, most auto body shops in Sacramento are affiliated with a towing company. Ask your trusted auto body shop Sacramento about this matter. It is very important to have access to towing services in case of an emergency.

Know Your Unique Insurance Policy Account Number

In almost any car accident, your insurance policy has you covered. This is why you paid your premium on your car insurance after all. The worst-case scenario is that you won’t be able to file your claims properly. This can happen if you have misplaced and somehow forgotten your insurance policy account number. This is why you should never let this happen. Know your insurance policy number so that it is easy to file your claims.

Your Auto Body Shop Sacramento Can Help You

This is a piece of knowledge that many people are unfamiliar with. The fact of the matter is that in filing your insurance claims, your auto body shop can help. In fact, most reputable auto body shops are affiliated with major auto insurance company. Ask your auto body shop if your insurance company is one of their affiliates.

Even if your auto insurance company is not one of the auto body shop’s affiliates, they can still help you. Auto body shops are generally familiar with the filing of insurance claims. Your auto body shop in Sacramento can work closely with your insurer for the filing of your claims. As long as your car is covered, you will only need to pay a minimal fee for repairs.

Get Routine Maintenance (Oil Changes)

People tend to underestimate the importance of oil changes. After all, it’s just motor oil, how much can it really affect your vehicle? Well, the straightforward answer is: a lot. The motor oil is basically the lifeblood of your entire engine. Keep in mind that an automobile engine is composed of hundreds of small moving parts. The allowance between these parts is sometimes just a fraction of a millimeter. With all of these small parts moving against each other all the time, a good lubricant is needed to ensure that they do not constantly grind against each other. This is the function of your motor oil – it lubricates your engine and keeps all its parts in good running condition.

What Happens If I Don’t Get My Oil Changed?

One brave car owner recently tried this as an experiment. He did not have his oil changed for over 12000 miles. For your information, for older car models, it is generally recommend to have an oil change every 3000 miles. Newer car models may have oil change schedules that vary from anywhere between every 5000-8000 miles. As you can tell, 12,000 miles is way beyond this.

As motor oil ages, it turns into sludge and collects all kinds of particles. The fluid becomes thicker and loses its lubricating property. Oil that is no longer lubricating adds an unnecessary burden on your engine. It affects fuel efficiency and eventually, it could even cause some parts to stop functioning altogether.

Furthermore, oil that has not been changed collects metal particles. Where do you think these metal particles came from? Well, they are mostly bits of metal collected from the metal parts of your vehicle scraping against each other. The purpose of motor oil is to prevent friction, when it loses its lubricating property, then it is no longer performing this function.

This Is Not The True Importance of Oil Changes

Ask any Sacramento auto body shop mechanic and they will tell you that oil changes are quite a necessity. Of course, simply changing out your old oil for new oil is just the tip of the iceberg. This belies the true importance of routine oil changes. Oil changes are considered a core part of routine maintenance because the mechanic also checks the entire vehicle while doing this. If you will check your vehicle’s maintenance manual, you will find the car’s oil change schedule there. Along with the oil change schedule, you will find an itemized list of maintenance checks to be performed on your vehicle. Some of these include parts replacement which is necessary for a certain mileage. For example, the brake pads will need to be changed from time to time along with other parts which are expected to wear out after a certain mileage.

Without routine maintenance via oil changes, there is no way to check your vehicle for wear and tear. Thus, you can never be sure if your car is actually road-worthy or if you are riding an accident waiting to happen.

After An Accident

Routine maintenance and safety checks are all well and good. But these are preventive actions which are only good before an accident happens. After an accident has occurred, then your car will have sustained damage. This is where auto body shops really excel.

Crumpled Car

If you have ever seen or ever been in an actual vehicle collision, you will notice something: crumpled cars. The front and back of most modern cars almost always crumple upon impact. In fact, even in low speed collisions, a car can crumple very easily. Now you might be tempted to think that this is because cars are just made with inferior materials nowadays, but that is wrong. The fact of the matter is that modern cars are engineered with a safety feature called a “crumple zone.” These are vulnerable parts of the vehicle which are designed to crumple on purpose. On impact, these parts absorb all the kinetic energy and safely direct it away from the passenger cage. The crumple zone ensures a higher survival rate for the car’s passengers.

Frame Straightening

Most major collision repairs involve frame straightening. This is the case when you have a crumpled vehicle. Most likely, the engine will still be intact no matter how badly deformed the car has become. This means that your car can still be fixed. Frame straightening uses a specialized machine to twist and pull your car back into its original shape.

Windshield Replacement

Unlike the metallic alloy frame of your car, the windshield is made out of laminated glass. In a major car crash, this glass breaks but stays together like limp, wet paper. This prevents the glass from causing any major injuries to the passengers. Laminated glass is actually made out of two sheets of tempered glass sandwiching a softer vinyl center. The vinyl at the center causes the glass to stick together even after breaking. This is what causes the spiderweb type cracks on windshields.

Whenever it is available, you should opt for windshield repairs instead of replacement. Glass fillers can be used on recent small chips and cracks on windshields. As long as the damage is not too extensive and does not obscure your vision, it is probably eligible for windshield repairs. Windshield repairs can be done fairly quickly and your windshield looks as good as new after the process. There are even some over the counter windshield replacement kits available. Of course, if you want a professional job done right, then get it done at an auto body shop Sacramento.

In any event, your auto body shop’s repair technicians will inform you if your windshield can be repaired. If replacement is your only option, then do not forget to ask your insurer about this. Depending on your deductible, windshield replacement may be covered by your insurance – even if it is not a major car accident.

PDR (Paintless Dent Repair)

For minor dents, ask your Sacramento auto body shop if they have a repair technician certified to perform PDR. PDR or paintless dent repair is often preferable over traditional dent repairs because it preserves the original composition of your car.

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