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Get to know an auto body shop Modesto you can trust. Car crashes are very common in the United States. This is why vehicle collisions are almost unavoidable – at least based on statistics. With that said, it is a good idea to be prepared for all eventualities. This is why simple safety precautions such as routine maintenance and keeping one’s seatbelt fastened when driving are very important.

Leading Cause of Death

One of the leading causes of death for people aged 54 and below in the U.S. is actually a simple car crash. People be wary of the violent crimes and diseases happening all around them, but not of a random car crash. In fact, we often take road safety for granted even though annual statistics show at least 20,000 deaths and 2 million injuries caused by car crashes. That is a staggering amount.

Two car collision

Keeping The Car Safe Through Your Auto Body Shop Modesto

One sure-fire way to prevent accidents due to mechanical failures with a vehicle is routine maintenance. Modern cars usually need an oil change once every 8000 miles traveled. Together with this oil change, the manufacturer details some maintenance checks to be performed. There are also parts of the vehicle that will need to be replaced after a certain mileage. Now these routine maintenance tasks can actually be ignored. If you choose to do this however, then you are jeopardizing your safety and that of all the regular passengers in your vehicle.

Auto Body Repair Shop Maintenance Economical, Too

You might think that spending money on maintenance is wasteful, but it’s really not. The key to keeping your vehicle in good running condition for a long time is regular maintenance work. If you ignore the maintenance tasks that need to be done on your vehicle, you might be surprised if it suddenly breaks down on you. After that, the repair costs for an engine overhaul or full parts replacement can cost an arm and a leg. If you’re unlucky, you may even find that your insurance won’t pay for the damage because of your own neglect.

To add to this, cars without regular maintenance tend to use up more fuel than a well-maintained car. They also have less impact on the environment. Thus, there is no reason why you shouldn’t maintain your vehicle.

What Should You Watch Out For?

There are a number of areas of your vehicle that will require regular maintenance checks. The fluid levels should be kept at least above minimum at all times. There are several types of fluids within your machine at all times. There is the brake fluid, the power steering fluid, the motor oil that is used on your engine and also the water for your windshield wipers. The brake pads of your car can also wear out over time. Every time that you use your brakes, the brake pads wear out a little bit. While the impact cannot really be felt immediately, over time, the pads lose their stopping power. If you feel that your brakes are slipping little by little, it is probably a sign that the brake pads need changing.

The Maintenance Manual Has All The Answers

Inside the maintenance manual, there is a schedule of different maintenance procedures to be performed for every few thousand miles traveled by the vehicle. This has been scientifically tested over thousands of cars so that the maintenance tasks match the normal usage of any particular car. This is why if the regular maintenance schedule is followed, any car can last a long time with normal use. Even cars up to nearly a decade old can still run well with regular maintenance from an auto body shop.

Find An Auto Shop And Mechanic That You Can Trust

There are several thousand auto body shops all over the U.S. Choosing a good auto body shop Modesto that can provide for one’s needs is essential. There are several points to consider when choosing an auto body shop. First of all, budget should be an important factor. Expensive auto body shops with a good reputation will usually have more state-of-the-art equipment. Of course, modern technology aside, what is more important are the certifications of an auto body shop’s mechanics.

Mechanics Specialize in Different Things

There are special certifications for different types of mechanics in an auto body shop. Some specialize in windshield repairs, others specialize in dent removal, and some may deal with the paint job of your car. For maintaining your vehicle, the auto body shop Modesto might also have a mechanic with special qualifications for just such a task. Find a mechanic that can easily explain to you what tasks need to be done right now and what you can expect after maintenance work is finished.

Warranty Coverage

The importance of preventive maintenance not only covers road safety, it also extends to warranty coverage. Cars which are still under a manufacturer’s warranty may no longer be covered due to owner’s neglect. You can prevent this from happening with regular maintenance check ups.

What If A Road Accident Occurs?

As previously mentioned, road accidents are almost inevitable. Even with all these preventive maintenance tasks, it only takes a simple human error to cause an accident. Whether the error came from you or from someone else on the road, you should know what to do in an accident.

Safety First

Safety first should be your slogan in case of a car accident. Do not think about how much you’re going to spend for the repairs on your car. First of all, ensure that you are unharmed and so is everyone else in your vehicle as well as in the other vehicle outside.

After that, then you can worry about repairs and insurance.

And If It’s Not Your Fault?

In a car accident, there may be a dispute as to whose fault it was. It is best to let the police handle this situation. You may need to take it to court if necessary, but that is outside of our discussion. In any event, it is important that you get an assessment of the damage done to your car. This can be done by your preferred auto body shop. If your vehicle needs to be towed, you can take a taxi straight to your auto body shop Modesto and call the towing company from there. You can have them deliver the vehicle to the auto body shop. Towing companies are generally familiar with all active auto body shops.

Ask For An Estimate From The Auto Body Shop Modesto

Ask for an estimate on the repairs. Actually, if you choose a professional auto body shop, they can walk you through the steps that you need to take in order to file your claim with your insurer. Keep in mind that most auto body shops should be able to work closely with your insurer. Even if your auto body shop Modesto is not affiliated with your insurer, they will still be able to help you in filing your claim.

Forgotten When You Need Maintenance?

Sometimes the maintenance manual may not be available. The owner might have lost it or perhaps the vehicle is second-hand. In this case, it is a bit trickier to tell when you may need service maintenance from an auto body shop. A safe bet in this case is to choose an auto body shop Modesto or mechanic that you can trust. Ask some of your colleagues, friends, or family for personal recommendations. Also, make sure that the auto body shop Modesto that they are recommending is one that they have actually had first-hand experience with.

There are also warning signs from your own vehicle.

The Check Engine Light

The check engine light of your vehicle is one of the earliest indicators of engine troubles. If you need an oil change, you will definitely see this part light up. When the motor oil of any car has not been changed for a long time, it becomes thick with sludge. This can make your engine much less fuel efficient than it should be.

Dark Spots Under The Car

If you notice dark spots of oil under your car whenever you are parked, this is a sign that the oil has begun leaking out. This is a more serious matter that needs immediate attention. It could stem from a number of sources, but one possibility is that there is a blown or otherwise compromised gasket.

Leaking Green Radiator Fluid

Get the car to an auto body shop Modesto immediately when this happens. If you see green fluid under the car, this is radiator fluid. Whatever the cause of the problem may be, leaking too much radiator fluid can cause overheating problems with your vehicle.

Squeaky Brakes

This is an early indicator that your brake pads are just about shot. If the squeaking sound is extremely prominent, then your brake pads are no longer doing their job right. This could be dangerous if you drive very often at high speeds. Immediate repairs from an auto body shop Modesto is recommended for this type of problem.

Squeaks While Turning

If you notice squeaking while turning and not while braking, then this is another problem than your brake pads. This type of squeaking is generally caused by bad wheel bearings. Damaged wheel bearings can cause the vehicle to stop operating properly. Get this issue fixed at an auto repair shop near you right away.

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